VR Fashion Shows: What to Expect

We’ve come a long way in terms of how we get our fashion fix these days. Gone are the days of waiting for the quarterly fashion magazines to come out so we can see what we should be wearing. These days we have instant access to all the hot new looks that designers are coming up with. Well, almost instant. We generally have to wait a few hours before we see the looks as they hit the runway, but all of this could be changing forever with the introduction of virtual reality fashion shows.

Instead of trawling through websites to find our favorite shows, we are going to be able to watch them live, as they happen, and as if we are sitting in the front row. But how?!

A lot of designers are introducing 360 VR to their shows as a way to get people closer to the designs than ever before. Although this is brand new technology and we’re not entirely sure what it will look and work like, we’re already very excited about this. Not much has been said yet about what we can expect, but here’s what we think you can look out for.

Giant VR headsets may not be necessary to appreciate these stunning shows in full 360 vision. The apps that these shows are going to be streamed to will probably have the choice of watching either with headset gear or without. This is great news for those who don’t want to sit there with a big piece of equipment on their heads, as they will just be able to turn the phones in the direction they want to look, or even swipe their fingers on the screen to look around with. It’s the advent of virtual fashion in every way.

There is also some expectation that viewers will be able to zoom in on certain aspects of the runway, getting better looks at the model and what they’re wearing. Although this is merely speculation, we saw a similar thing happening at the NYFW earlier this year. Viewers were able to pinch their screens in order to get better looks at the fabrics and closer looks at shoes or accessories. Although we don’t know for certain, this is something we would sure like to see happen. Imagine being able to zoom right in on your favorite accessories or shoes, getting closer to the action then you ever thought was possible.

One thing that is for definite, however, is how this will change the face of the fashion world as we know it. No longer will you have to be Anna Wintour or a Kardashian to get front row sightings of all the latest designers’ work. It will make fashion far more accessible to those who wouldn’t ever necessarily get to see these things otherwise. It brings fashion back to the ground, where normal people get to experience the same thing as those big names do. This can only be a good thing, as VR fashion shows will get more people interested in the world of fashion and give them access to a world that they didn’t think they’d ever have access to.