Vladimiro Gioia Milan Fashion Week FW18

APOCALYPSE WOMAN, particular and extremely feminine, but with a warrior nature that makes her different and unique: that’s the woman of Vladimiro Gioia for fall winter 2018.

Wars are fought with hits of beauty and femininity: with the weapon of style, without abandoning a fierce character, the warrior of the designer has a cool attitude to survive.

Black is her color, that becomes versatile and chameleon if matched with other nuances, to be dressed of silk and relate to the role of a strong but seductive creature, thanks to embroideries on the texture with precious stones that defuse her indomitable nature. The wild girl attitude is emphasized by colored furs, entirely inlaid by hand, that like an abstract mosaic, lead to an experimental couture.

Vladimiro Gioia: Milan FW18

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We find the strong style of furs also in the cashmere coats, inlaid in silk, to embellish the details; the luxury is conquered with fine leather: crocodile matched with fur, in order to create a futuristic cuirass on the back of the coats to realize contrasts, just on the long sables that wrap the shoulders.

Scratching steps toward the future dressed by black leather jumpsuits with zip on sight; elusive creatures whose silhouettes are framed by sable, to shed their skin and become luscious queens, so precious to reach the myth.
Their silhouettes are surrounded by dark shades from black to dark blue, to amplify their warrior side. They coalesce with the brightness of pink and white, without leaving the strength of orange flame, to get a really glamorous attitude.

I’m a warrior: the metropolitan warrior of Vladimiro Gioia faces the city and its challenges thanks to femininity and beauty, with an aggressive but absolutely chic mood.


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