Victoria/Tomas Resort 2020 “Deauville”

Victoria/Tomas Resort 2020 “Deauville”

Represented by Station Service.

Just before our AW 19-20 show,” say the designers, “our friends picked us up from our Paris atelier to air our heads and to abstract in a different environment. They took us to Normandie. This was our first time visiting this region of France. After spending an amazing time in Deauville, we returned to Paris and we felt like we need to dedicate the collection to this town mixing it with our with our urban Paris esthetics.”

We were very inspired by the mix of natural colors of its seaside greatness, sand, sky, water with the extremity of vivid colors of parasols de Deauville in between. The tones and patterns of architecture gave additional impact to the nature aspect, adding more of a graphic playfulness to many striped pieces of the collection. The crush between sailor spirit of the seaside and classic Paris style can be followed in the directions of pinstripes modification, that are delicately transformed from office shirt to ‘mariniere’, this contrast is also fulfilled with the touch of multicolor boat chains on colorful culottes, that makes a cozy silhouette look more edgy and modern.


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We wanted the collection to project ‘la Parisienne’ traveling to Deauville and to have a literal transformation of the urban look to a more holiday vibe, yet keeping the edge very thin between them.

Us and our team decided to show a literal journey from Paris to Deauville in our lookbook. Taking on board Maeva Marshal a model, influencer and simply a real Parisian girl, we had a train trip to the seaside, trying to convey the real atmosphere of this story.

The color range varies between ivory, beige, navy, digital white, greens, multicolors with a touch of yellow, crimson and breeze.


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