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Veronique Leroy Spring 2018: Paris Fashion Week

Veronique Leroy Paris Fashion Week SS18

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Reclaiming (or maybe just “claiming”) power is a big theme in our culture right now. There’s this weird idea going around that maybe people would like to be treated equally, rather than an objects, automatic servants, or less-than’s.

It’s in this spirit, I think, that a show like Veronique Leroy’s, shown this Paris Fashion Week, makes use of a song like “There’s a Party in My Pussy” by Catastrophe. (The song starts at around :28.)

“There’s a party in my pussy/Everybody come on.”

If you remove the sci-fi intro, the song seems to lampoon the idea that sexuality is a commodity, or available for public entertainment. (Which, of course, it very much is, judging by how the media uses sexuality to sell pretty much everything, from cars to TV shows to, well, fashion.)

It’s hard to imagine a time when music had to be sold based on talent, media based on notable content, and fashion based on style, or the ability to intrigue. What a loss for our culture, when we learned sex could sell faster, better — and with less substance and greater disposability.

It’s hard to imagine a time when music had to be sold based on talent, and fashion based on style

Veronique Leroy: Paris Fashion Week SS18

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For Spring 2018, Leroy presented a beautiful collection of summery separates, with strong-shouldered silhouettes and big, bold belts. Draped tangerine tops were paired with sea-green tasseled skirts; there were translucent blouses with beautiful pleats, and what appeared to be brown suede separates with boho fringes. One of our favorites was the signature branded skirt that gave almost a safari-camo effect.

Leroy presented a beautiful collection of summery separates

But our absolute favorite was the puce knitted top with the rope belt and lemon shorts.


Everything just felt perfect for an adventure requiring perfect taste: just the kind of thing our current culture of idiocracy seems to be lacking.


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