Upcoming Fashion Trends for 2022

Upcoming Fashion Trends for 2022

What will the new fashion year 2022 have in store for us? We tell you which pieces belong to the big trends and therefore also in your closet.

It’s time to clean out your closet and stock it with some new favorite pieces. For these cool fashion pieces you should make room now or already look out for fashion deals and bargains:

These are the 6 big trends for this year

Trend 1: Very Peri

Since “Very Peri” is the Pantone color of 2022, there’s no getting around this trend, of course. We don’t even want to, because the fascinating color of purple and blue has an energetic effect on us and thus makes us wide awake. In addition, the color really suits every woman. Put it on and be in a good mood!

Trend 2: Bottega Green

In addition to the Pantone favorite Very Peri, there is another color in the 2022 fashion trends: Bottega Green. What exactly does that one look like? Like a very, very bright and rich frog green, not too light, not too dark – just right for real statement styles. It’s a trend color that has been an integral part of the collections of the name-giving design house Bottega Veneta since summer 2021 and has now spread to the entire fashion world.

Trend 3: Wide cuts

Has home office convenience crept into the “official” fashion? One could almost assume so, because this year wide and comfortable clothes are in. Really practical, because this way we can combine the two.

Trend 4: High-necked dresses

High-necked dresses are also in this year. The simple but elegant fashion pieces are suitable for everyday and evening wear, so you can go straight from the office to an evening date with it. When it comes to materials, often knitwear, you should definitely pay attention to the quality so that the dress fits really well and keeps its shape even after washing. The dress is best styled with great boots, beautiful earrings and a chic bag. By the way: Simple does not mean boring – with a sophisticated slit, for example, such a dress looks really exciting!

Trend 5: Cut outs

The new trend can be very chic, elegant and sexy. Cut outs are particularly suitable for tight-fitting dresses and are located on the shoulder, on the back, at the neckline or in the waist area.

Trend 6: Leather

The leather trend from last year continues in 2022 – whether skirts, jackets, pants or dresses: the natural material sets the tone. However, it should be considered that real leather has a poor environmental balance. If you don’t want to wear it, go for vegan leather or vinyl.


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