Untitled Collective SS20

Untitled Collective SS20

Inspired by the unpredictable nature of weather, “Outdoor Recess” collection focuses on utilitarian details and comfort in constantly changing environments. Playing with the whimsical fluctuations of the weather that occurs in a single day, this collection is versatile to various conditions in everyday life. By applying outdoor and workwear details with contemporary silhouettes, Outdoor Recess Collection provides culminating environment for creatives to work in.

As the light drifts, it creates different erratic shades of color. Shades of the grass, stone, and sky change as time moves. When the daylight hits hidden spots, real colors of the landscape start to shine. The collection’s palette resonates the different pigmentations that exemplify underlying conditions in nature.

Untitled Collective SS20

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Natural elements found outdoors all go through an eroding process. Timeless garments representing acceptance of changing natural habitat, the collection combines a sense of adaptability and resistance through the fabric and color choices. The effects of heat and weather related conditions require protection from external causes. The garments are designed to combine dexterity and security to allow creatives to work wherever inspirations may lead them.


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