Unconventional Wedding Styles: How To Have The Perfect Viking Wedding

Traditional weddings create an atmosphere of custom and convention, but with everyone wearing the same white dress and black tuxedo, these events can start feeling boring.

You can still connect to the culture of your land or heritage without having a bland wedding. Instead, consider looking at old traditions, and adopting these authentic histories into your special day.

A great option for an unconventional wedding is the Viking theme. Many of us have historical connections to the Viking era, and the general Viking attire isn’t too dissimilar to a traditional wedding. It’s the perfect blend.

Here is how you can achieve the perfect Viking Wedding.


First consider getting married in Denmark – the home of Vikings.

Rasmus Sørensen, A Denmark wedding specialist, explained that “getting married in Denmark is often cheaper and quicker than getting married in your own country”. He goes on to say “Over 15,000 couples travel to Denmark to get married every year”.

This means creating a destination wedding shouldn’t be a problem. The Danes expect international couples and even encourage them.

But you wouldn’t be traveling just because the Danish make it easy. This destination wedding will contain hundreds of locations with stunning views. No matter which area you land in, you will instantly be transported back to an ancient time. It wouldn’t be hard for even the least imaginative person to believe they are back in the era of Vikings.


Creating a Viking-style outfit is easy.

The first step is to look through Viking TV shows and consider what the characters are wearing. From there you can create a pinboard of concepts. You can either design your own outfit or bring these concepts to a tailor to create for you.

Your Best Men and Bridesmaids can also join in the fun without breaking the bank. There are hundreds of Viking warrior or Viking aesthetic shops online, all designed to create realistic and fashionable outfits.


Viking hairstyles give more options to men.

The JVN classic of short on the sides and long on top isn’t the only option for a Viking man. The first classic Viking hairstyle is a shaved temple, and shaved sides with long plaited hair, like a Scandinavian mohican.

For something less dramatic, the groom could have his long thick hair tied up in a chunky man bun while also growing a thick beard.

Women can join in with the unusual but beautiful hairstyles too. Braids can be found in almost all Viking hairstyles for women, most commonly two thin braids on the side of the head with a voluminous bounce on top. This allows you to enjoy a feminine and delicate braid, while also having your hair down.


Even if you choose an indoor modern venue, the right decorations can create a Viking vibe.

Rasmus Sørensen says “A simple aesthetic choice can include drinking horns, animal furs, and barrels of mead.”

Back during the Viking era, your marriage wasn’t considered official unless the couple drank mead (a sweet ale) from the local area’s marriage horns.

Although your destination may not have an official marriage horn, you can replicate this tradition and keep the horn as a memento. You could even give out these horns as wedding gifts to your guests.


Complete a simple and inexpensive ribbon-cutting ceremony.

During a traditional Viking wedding, a ribbon would be wrapped around the hands of the bride and groom as they said their vows to each other. The process symbolized the string of life connecting them together in a holy ceremony.

Even if your wedding cannot contain all of the glamors of traditional Viking decorations, adding this simple ceremonial custom will add a level of beauty and history to your wedding.


Race to the altar!

Viking weddings would normally occur on the last days of the ceremony. At this point, the bride and groom are man and wife, but the family is competing to see which is “best”.

Archery would be the most traditional game for your guests to participate in, and so is a sword fight. Although you can bring in wooden swords, and archery teachers, a simple game that costs nothing is a race.

Create a starting line and ask your family members to race to the altar. The first to win brings honor to the family!

Final Thoughts

Picking a Viking wedding allows you to embrace more diverse styles for men, and rustic styles for your decorations, while embracing the outdoors. Create an unconventional wedding that will last in everyone’s memories!


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