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Travel Obsessions

Travel Obsessions: A Short Note

There are certain things in life you instantly realize you must own. Michael Kors’ silk Mandarin pajamas — as famously modeled by Grace Coddington — come to mind.

Grace wears Kors Mandarin Evening Pajamas at the airport. Via IG @TheRealGraceCoddington
Grace wears Kors Mandarin Evening Pajamas at the airport. Via IG @TheRealGraceCoddington

It’s sort of like the first time you hear Joni Mitchell sing, “Watching your hairline recede, my vain darling,” and you think to yourself: “Wait, lyrics are allowed to do that?” But in the case of the pajamas, the revelation is more along the lines of: “Pajamas at the airport? Why did I think that was, somehow, off limits?” Suddenly the world seems to relax and make a little more sense.

The Row's Olsen Twins wear Birkenstocks to the airport
The Row’s Olsen Twins wear Birkenstocks to the airport.

The next thing that comes to mind are the black Birkenstocks as worn by the The Row‘s Olsen twins. “Just slip your shoes off, mid-flight, without elbowing the businessman to your right, and bruising your elbow on the arm rest?” Genius!

So it is with Globe-Trotter.

Apparently one glance is all it takes to revolutionize your idea of glamorous travel. Grace may love her Louis Vuitton spinner, but to us, the height of style can only be achieved through the retro silhouette of this 119-year-old brand, whose clients have included Sir Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II, and one of our favorite style icons, David Beckham.

One glance at Globe-Trotter is all it takes to revolutionize your idea of glamorous travel.

David Beckham with Globe-Trotter Centenary 21" Trolley Case
David Beckham with Globe-Trotter Centenary 21″ Trolley Case

Globe-Trotter has a long and storied — one might even say, regal — history, but the brand still doesn’t shy away from partnerships with fun and cutting-edge brands such as Mastermind of Japan. Or, for that matter, James Bond.

Which brings us to Globe-Trotter’s new line of “Spectre” suitcases, produced to coincide with the release of the latest installment in the 50-year James Bond franchise.

While the James Bond aspect is appealing to a certain type of guy — or to a certain dimension of every guy — you don’t have to be a James Bond fan, or even a guy, to catch your breath while looking at a bag like this. (And if you saw Spectre, you may be pleased to see the Bond brand is undergoing an interesting bit of emotional maturation, which bodes well for a series refresh.)

Available at or Mr. Porter. Unless we get it first. Which we probably won't.
Available at or Mr. Porter. Unless we buy it first.

Globe-Trotter’s new “Spectre” line comes in navy and black (although so far we’ve only seen the navy for sale), with brass hardware. Perhaps one of the most striking features is the luxe interior, that’s a little like staring into a pillowy night sky filled with stars.

One of the most striking features is the interior.

The line includes carry-on sizes for people like myself, too impatient to stand at the carousel, as well as a checked 30″ wheeled suitcase for those who actually like to prepare. The allure of Globe-Trotter, we think, is no less than the call of adventure itself. It’s hard to hold one without feeling you’re walking toward a Lockheed Electra on the eve of a mysterious journey. Picture a scene from Casablanca, Indiana Jones, or a page from Stephen Becker’s The Blue-Eyed Shan, and you’ve got the picture.

The allure of Globe-Trotter is the call of adventure itself.

Choose Your Own Adventure

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Or if your inclinations tilt more amorous, consider the words of Anna Wintour (said of Oscar de la Renta), and picture yourself “hurrying across the Tuileries on a mysterious romantic assignment.”

Hurrying across the Tuileries on a mysterious romantic assignment — Anna Wintour

No matter where or how you travel this holiday season, we wish you safe and happy journeys.


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