Top Tips For Fabulously Fashionable Holidays

Top Tips For Fabulously Fashionable Holidays

The holiday season is just about to set in, which means a period full of festivities and a time where families and friends get to spend time with each other. As the year fades, different people in the world celebrate in different ways, from holiday getaways to feasting and gift-giving.

Indeed, on average, shoppers from the UK spend about GBP£1,049 (USD$1,360) during the holidays, which is the highest figure globally. They’re followed closely by their US counterparts, who spend an average of USD$1,300, while those from Canada spend about CAD$1,276 ($964 USD). (1)

You wouldn’t want to miss the thrill of the holidays. But that’s not to say you have to spend heavily to enjoy it. There are lots of budget-friendly ways to add fun to your holidays. Here are some tips that you can consider if you desire to want your holiday fabulously fashionable:

Happy Brazilian woman of African descent dressed in traditional Baiana costumes in the Historic Center of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.
1. Personalize the holidays

Adding a personal touch to your holidays is an excellent way to make it unique and fashionable. Imagine drinking from a wine tumbler bearing your name or having a pattern that you can’t find anywhere else on earth. What about custom grill sets, travel pillows, beanies, pocket watches, tote bags, and other gifts? Carrying such items for your holidays makes you stand out from the crowd and feel unique.

So if you’re going on vacation with the whole family, you can check out these personalized gift ideas for the entire family. Buy your significant other and kids items that they fancy, and they won’t help but smile throughout the holidays.

2. Start with statement outerwear

If you’re going for a winter holiday, chances are it’ll be freezing outside. So whenever you leave your hotel room, say for an evening party, you need to have a chic coat.

If you want to look stylish, try purchasing a coat with a fashionable silhouette or unique texture like embroidery or fur. You can also make your outerwear stand out by adorning it with a belt or a brooch. Also, make sure that the coat fits you perfectly, as a baggy one will spoil your looks.

3. Add more sparkle

There’s no other time of the year where glitter is more fundamental than during holidays. You can add a shimmering outfit into your holiday look, perhaps by wearing a crystal or shiny-embellished pair of shoes, a cute blazer inside the coat, or a skirt adorned with a beautiful sequin.

Once dressed this way, make sure not to spend the whole day with a trench coat on. Remove it whenever you get the opportunity and display the stylish outfit you have on the inside. All in all, be careful not to overdo your outfit and go overboard because you don’t want to look overpowering at the end of the day. For instance, if your dress is too colorful, it’d be best to keep the other outfit monochromatic to keep it clean and simple. (2)

4. Don’t forget a fashionable bag

Women have a very intimate relationship with their handbags. As they walk, onlookers always try to spot the kind of handbag they’re carrying to get an idea of their sense of style. Also, as they sit down, say in a restaurant while dining, placing the handbag by the table is a statement of their fashion sense.

As such, you’d want to uphold this feminine culture by carrying a stylish bag as you go for the holidays. Your backpack, suitcase, or handbag should complement the fashionable attire you’re wearing in terms of color, pattern, design, and theme. This will make you stand out more and boost your confidence during this time.

5. Consider velvet outfits

Reviving velvet from 90s fashion trends can be a little bit tricky, but it’s an amazing idea for the holidays. Since producing velvet in the past was very expensive, this type of fabric was commonly linked with the aristocracy. And up to date, velvet is considered luxurious. As much as modern velvet has been adulterated, this fabric remains one of the most unique and sleekest materials ever made. (3) (4)

You can try a coat or a dress made from this soft and shimmering fabric. And if you’re not a fan of wearing velvet, you can try a velvet scarf or hat or even a velvet pair of shoes.

6. Accessorize with jewelry

The holidays are the perfect time to put on an armful of beautiful bangles, cocktail rings, and big necklaces. Your daily commitments might not allow you to wear several jewelry pieces, as it might be bothersome to work with such. But given that your holidays are meant for rest, don’t hesitate to wear as much jewelry as you wish to, as long as you don’t go overboard. You might not attract the right crowd when you wear too much flash.

7. Try conspicuous and stunning makeup

Similar to jewelry, you’d also want to go an extra length with your makeup. An excellent idea is to wear a bold red lipstick and smokey eye makeup. Getting the smokey eye look involves blending eyeliner and dark eye shadow into a lighter eye shadow, which creates a ‘smokey’ effect. In turn, onlookers will turn their attention toward your eyes. (5)


The holidays are a time to have fun and let go of the pressure of work and the busy schedules you have daily. To ensure that yours is fabulously fashionable, there are certain things that you need to do, including carrying personalized gifts, adding some sparkle to your outfit, blending your colors well, having beautiful outerwear, trying stunning makeup on your face, and more.

Whatever you do, make a point of bringing the best out of yourself.



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