Top 4 Ways to Support Loved One’s Recovery

Top 4 Ways to Support Loved One’s Recovery

Having surgery is stressful, and the recovery process can be difficult. Patients are often limited in what they can do during this period, requiring the help and support of others to get through it.

There are many things they’ll need to take care of in making sure the result of their surgery is a success.

1. Stay Up To Date With Their Recovery Plan

As soon as your loved one has been discharged after their surgery, their doctors will usually give them instructions on what they need to do to help them recover. This includes information about their prescribed medications, warning signs to look for in case there are any postoperative complications, and their outpatient recovery regiment. These things can be overwhelming to deal with, so having you there to assist with these things will make it a bit easier on them.

Another thing you could do is making sure your loved one understands what medications they need to take and how often they need to take them. Creating an easy-to-follow schedule will allow them to remember these things. You can get them a pill organizer to distribute their daily medications in the most convenient way. They may still be in pain after their surgery, which can make it difficult to concentrate. Anything you can do to relieve these burdens is a great way to support them as they recover.

2. Find Ways to Raise Their Spirits

It can take a lot of time to recover after having surgery. This can be very disheartening and take a toll on their mood. Buy them gifts to wish them a speedy recovery or just spend quality time with them. Anything that lets them know they’re not in it alone will be a major boon to their mental health.

Because they’re often forced to remain inactive during the recovery period, they have a lot of time on their hands and might get bored. If they like to play computer or video games, find a new one they’d enjoy. You could buy them some movies or books, something they can do without needing to be physically active. It’s important to give them something to help pass the time and keep them entertained.

3. Help Them With Their Responsibilities

People have a lot of responsibilities in their lives, but when they’re in recovery, they may not be able to do everything they need. If they have kids or pets, you could take care of them, feeding them, and taking the children to school. Offering to help with chores around the house might really help them out, too. Cleaning, doing the dishes, and doing laundry are all tasks your loved one might need assistance with.

Since they may not be able to leave the house, you could run errands for them. Go to the grocery store to pick up food and other necessities. They might need something from the post office or to pick up and drop off dry cleaning. Anything you can do for them, so they don’t have to risk exerting themselves and setting back their recovery makes a huge difference.

4. Take Them To Doctor or Physical Therapy Appointments

There are usually follow-up appointments after surgery, so the doctors can make sure the patient is recovering properly. Since they may not be able to go by themselves, you can take your loved one to these appointments. Even if they aren’t prevented from driving during their rehabilitation, they might appreciate having someone there to offer them support, so they don’t have to deal with it alone.

If your loved one has to go to PT to help them recover, taking them to those appointments is helpful, too. PT can be intensive, and they may be too tired and in pain to drive. Certain pain medications prescribed to patients can also make it unsafe for them to operate a vehicle, so it’s a big help if you get them wherever they need to go. If there are some exercises they need to do at home, you can assist with those, too.

Recovering from surgery can take time, so remember to be considerate of what they’re going through. Even if they’re not in a place to express their appreciation now, they’ll be very grateful that you did so much to help them through this process. It’s a very selfless and admirable thing to do. Keep these tips in mind while you support your loved ones during their recovery.


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