Tips for Re-Doing Your Closet

Re-doing your closet

It might be time to throw out and redo your closet. Everyone’s style changes from one time to the other or you might just be looking for new things to wear and do not have any closet space, well why not just redo it now.

For some people renewing their closet is a job they hate to do and try to avoid. There are simple ways to make it easier and more enjoyable. What helps the most is being organized. It helps to have some system to work by so that you do not get frustrated if everything is everywhere and does not feel like you’re making progress. Do not throw out everything at once, work from one side to the other.

Deciding what to keep and what to throw out may take a while so give yourself enough time to go through everything. When throwing out clothes look for things that do not fit anymore and that are torn and old and just don’t look good anymore. Everything you want to get rid of put in bags or boxes so that it doesn’t lie around and get in the wrong pile. You can always try and sell your old clothes and a second hand shop or you can give it away. You can also reuse your old clothes and turn them into new clothing pieces if you like to take on such projects. When your closet is empty you can redo your closet with new ideas and even paint it a new color before repacking it. Just remember before throwing out too much that old style of clothes do come back in style at some point and you do not want to regret anything. Working in a system when organizing your closet will help the process go faster and everything will be done right so there will be no need to go back and do something over twice.

Pack away what you want to keep

When you have decided what you want to keep, pack it away neatly to make space for your new wardrobe. While you pack it away you might throw out more things that you find not wanting anymore. Things to think about when packing your closet is to pack it by season. There are some smart tips for storing off season clothes. You can also color code your clothes if you like everything to be organized. When you pack your clothes away you try different ways to make sure there is enough space. There are some ways to fold up clothes that take a lot less space than they did before. If you have more space it also makes it easier to keep your wardrobe clean and organized. Packing away your clothes also makes it easier for you to get dressed and makes your life better. Getting your clothes faster gives your more time to go shopping for new clothes.

Buying new clothes

Everyone loves buying new clothes, this is the best part of redoing your closet. There are so many new styles and clothes to choose from so make sure you have browsed enough and you’re sure on what you want to get before buying. Choosing new clothes is exciting but sometimes not knowing what you want gets you frustrated. Make sure to get something of each like a dress, shirt, shorts or jeans so you can mix and match it with other clothes in your closet. We all need that linen dress in our closet that is our favorite clothing piece. When the seasons change there are a lot of good specials on clothes so it will be a good idea to redo your closet knowing when it will be the best to buy new clothes. Buying new clothes may take a while so you do not need to do it all at once you can buy as you go and as you like. Redoing your closet doesn’t mean you need to do everything in one day. You can take the time to shop around for the perfect outfit. Deciding on a new style of clothes you want to start wearing may also take a while but luckily there are a lot of options online you can browse through.

How to hang clothes

How to hang clothes in the closet so that it doesn’t wrinkle. This is a difficult thing especially with dresses and some material clothes. The solution to hanging up clothes is easy when you have seen how to do so. When your closet is organized it also makes the hanging up of new clothes easier because there is space. Hanging up and folding clothes all depend on the type of material of the clothes. You will know if you need to hang something or fold it when you feel the material. Knowing this and going by this will help prevent your clothes from wrinkling. This helps you because no one has the time to iron clothes everyday and also not ironing your clothes a lot helps it last longer and it looks good for a longer time.

Clothes life

Looking after your clothes helps it look better longer. How you can look after your clothes is by checking exactly how to wash them. Some need to be washed by hand and others will be fine if the washing machine. Knowing if you may iron it is very important. Looking after your clothes not only makes it longer for you to have to redo your closet but it also gives you the option to resell it once you want to get rid of it. Don’t let your clothes lie on the ground,fold it up. Using the right detergents also plays a role in how long the color lasts. Separating the color of clothes when washing them is very important. Knowing the fabric of your clothes will also help you too take better care of it.

Redoing your closet may take a while but once it is done you won’t be sorry that you have spent the time on it.


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