Tips and Advice For Understanding How Wholesale Clothing Providers Work

Buying wholesale clothing is essential to setting up your retail business for success. Finding a reliable wholesaler saves money, time, and stress when sourcing your products.

The wholesale industry is vast and overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Here are some tips and tricks for navigating how to buy hoodies and other apparel wholesale.

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Why Buy Wholesale?

Buying wholesale has many benefits for retail businesses. As a small business, it doesn’t make sense to buy a bunch of individual shirts from another retailer only to sell them at a low-profit margin.

Buying clothing through a wholesaler is vital in making your business successful and profitable. Buying wholesale is good for business in countless ways. Here are the top benefits.

Save money

Although ordering wholesale can be a significant initial investment, it saves money in the long run. Buying wholesale has a lower cost per unit, increasing your profit margin when you resell to consumers.

Wholesale purchases also save on shipping costs. Most wholesale orders will come in one shipment, like a single pallet, only paying one shipping fee. Ordering in bulk also cuts shipping costs because you won’t have to keep placing multiple orders every few weeks.

Access unique products

Wholesalers offer apparel you can’t find at your average retail clothing store. Although direct-to-consumer is rising, many manufacturers will sell only certain products to other businesses. By purchasing through a wholesaler or manufacturer, you create products consumers don’t have access to unless they shop specifically through you.

Finding a wholesaler that offers unique, high-quality apparel will only add value to your business. Wholesalers like Bella + Canvas have proprietary colors, cuts, and fabrics for hoodies and other clothing. Buying directly from them will make your brand stand out.

Streamline your production

Buying in bulk means your inventory will last longer, and production will be more consistent. Having a large stock of fleece hoodies on hand means you can push products to production and ship efficiently.

You can also schedule replenishment orders with your wholesaler ahead of time, making inventory automated and stress-free.

Types of Wholesalers

Shopping around for a wholesaler is overwhelming. There are so many companies out there selling identical-looking fleece pullovers. So how do you choose a wholesaler?

Before you start frantically Googling where to buy hoodies for your following collection, consider what kind of wholesaler would work best for your brand. Then, choose one that has high-quality products for a fair price.

Here are three of the main types of clothing wholesalers.


Manufacturers are the companies that make the wholesale products you want. Of course, not all manufacturers act as wholesalers, but it’s worth the effort to find the ones that do sell their products directly.

Buying wholesale directly from a manufacturer can save you lots of money. In addition, it cuts out any middlemen, which keeps prices lower than if you purchased from a third party.

Retail Wholesalers

Retail wholesalers are the middlemen that sell products from the manufacturer to retail customers. These companies typically sell at a markup, which is how they make a profit.

Shopping with a retail wholesaler is convenient because you can often buy bulk from several manufacturers in one transaction. In addition, it’s a great option if a manufacturer you want to work with doesn’t offer direct wholesale.

Merchant Wholesalers

Merchant wholesalers sell goods to both retailers and end customers. These types of wholesalers can benefit small businesses because they typically don’t have high minimum order requirements.

On the other hand, merchant wholesalers are technically your competitors because they sell products to your target audience. Buying wholesale from your competition isn’t the most brilliant business choice, so avoid it if you can.

Build a Relationship with Your Wholesaler

Okay, you’ve done your research and found your dream wholesaler. Now what?

The work of establishing a healthy business relationship begins! Building a relationship with your wholesaler is about more than just “being friendly.”

The success of your business depends on timely delivery of your materials, smooth production, and cost-effectiveness. Wholesalers can make or break all of these aspects. In addition, being a stable repeat customer can lead to benefits like discounts and VIP customer service.

Here are some tips on establishing a rapport with your wholesale clothing provider.

Be Respectful and Communicative

Be the customer you want to see at your own business. Don’t only get in touch when something goes wrong; you need to complain. Instead, respect how they do business by being friendly, appreciative, and open to communication.

When it comes time to negotiate, be firm but respectful. You wouldn’t appreciate someone lowballing your prices. Wholesalers are no different.

If your wholesaler enjoys working with you, they could be open to discounts, flexible payment schedules, and preferred treatment in the future. In addition, they can provide tips on new cuts and styles of wholesale hoodies and pullovers before other buyers.

Pay on Time

Paying your wholesaler on time is crucial. Wholesale orders can be a steep initial payment, especially for new businesses. Just remember that ordering wholesale is an investment and will pay off in the long run.

Make sure you manage the wholesaler’s payment schedule before agreeing. After establishing payment terms, making a good impression and building trust by paying on time is crucial.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take in life. The same is valid for business.

Once you have built a great relationship with your wholesaler, consider asking for a lower price. If you always pay on time, have a rapport with the sales staff, and have a reputation for being pleasant, your wholesaler will most likely consider it.

Ask respectfully. The worst that can happen is your wholesaler says, “No,” and you carry on as before. No harm, no foul.


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