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Three Easy Pieces: London Fashion Week: Men’s

Three Brands to Watch from London Fashion Week: Men’s

On the first day of London Fashion Week: Men’s, there was a lot to take in, but here are three of the many brands that stood out.

For more information, see the British Fashion Council site, or check out the schedule for all the men’s fashion weeks.

Meng Menswear

Meng, a textile authority, has exploded into spring 2017 with a collection of bold prints, marrying traditional Asian imagery with modern geometrics.

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Focusing on loungewear — which lends itself nicely to silk — the prints are applied to pyjamas, robes, t-shirts, and scarves. Relaxed silhouettes are used as a canvas to highlight the intricate work of the many fine artists and graphic designers behind the various patterns. A slight sag in the breast pockets of the t-shirts showed the careful consideration put into looking effortless.

Relaxed silhouettes are used as a canvas to highlight intricate work

The original hand-drawn designs include exotic birds, flowers in stages of bloom, checks, and polka dots. Plain t-shirts in bright teal, burnt orange, and regal purple are used to offset the plethora of prints, making the separates interchangeable.

Using the softest of fabrics — silk twill, silk satin, silk jacquard, silk stretch, and fine cotton — adds to the luxury. Weightless and delicate, these clothes are designed to make the wearer feel royal. Meng is branching into the menswear world with beautifully romantic pieces. Learn more.

Meng is branching into the menswear world with beautifully romantic pieces.

Leon Bara

Leon Bara SS18 collection is a modernised military uniform with futuristic features. The sound-bite to take away from this collection is that it’s functional. Everything from the fabric choices to the back straps sewn into the jackets make this an eminently wearable collection.

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You can see the mid-20th century links in the muted colour palette and the highly functional fabrics. Alcantara is used as a suede alternative. Soft to the touch, it lends itself to tailoring and, incredibly, is machine washable. Two-piece sets are created in modified cotton to become 100% water repellent, designed for the European weather.

The silhouettes in the collection are boxy and tailored. Tracksuits are engineered to become formal with shirts treated as classic staples.

“Our tailored items are sporty and our sporty items are tailored,” says Hugo Edwards when discussing the unique qualities of the collection in the Show Studios space.

Our tailored items are sporty and our sporty items are tailored

Pale blues and vermilion are used as bold contrasts to a mainly monochromatic collection. The strict colour restriction is echoed in the concise nature of the entire SS2018 range. Sharp seams, square shapes, and crisp fabrics are used to define the modern uniform. Lean more.


Gravalot’s motto is “Don’t Change, Transform.” From the contemporary African menswear label, this is evident in their use of traditional styles and colours adapted with modern streetwear silhouettes and technical fabrics.

[portfolio_slideshow id=29936 align=center width=600 click=advance thumbnailsize=40 showcaps=false]

The SS17 collection is split in two: traditional tunics and short two-pieces in striking colours; and modern streetwear separates in black, white, and grey. The modern take on African clothing is designed for casual to formal dress, whereas the latter half in designed as Gravalot’s take on streetwear.

The modern take on African clothing is designed for casual to formal dress

The three-year-old brand has been finding its feet within the menswear market and has designed this capsule collection with runs of 100. The inspiration behind the collection has come from Dubai, Morocco, South African, and Nigeria.

Designed from cotton and linen, the summer collection makes a statement through its use of colour. Crisp white linen, bright gold, matte black, and royal purple and blue in sets of tunics and trousers create a traditional uniform for a hot city summer. Learn more.


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