The View from NYFW: Agency Forza’s AW19 Recap

The View from NYFW by Agency Forza

As Fall 2019 NYFW wraps in New York, fashion photographer Michael Subrizi’s hard drives are full, while camera accessories are discovered in the strangest places throughout his apartment. A lens in the laundry hamper, a few batteries stuffed inside his girlfriend’s Louboutin boots dangling from the bedpost, and a pelican case stocked like a mini-fridge of energy food: bananas, nuts, pasta, dried ginseng, and cold espresso.

The drop in adrenaline when it all ends is shocking to the system. Still there are photos to be edited, designers, models, PR, and influencers to reply to. The emails and calls all come in at once. The moment of terror where nobody will ever talk to you again is quickly replaced with smiles and thank yous that blast you off into an interplanetary high.

The sacrifices and near disasters are forgotten. The approval of a job well done is more satisfying and longer lasting that the cash which is spent quickly and frivolously. And the deep sleep after is bliss.

Semi-erotic dreams of the Blondes show at Spring Studios. The show of the season. It’s been slowly building to this moment for many years. You had to be there then, but there are so many images for you to be there now. Images telling the same story in a million different ways. The Blonds reviving New York where places like the Palladium, Limelight, and Tunnel left off and then the void afterwards.

Is this still New York?

Yeah, it’s still New York.

Agency Forza

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Photos: Michael Subrizi

Michael the photographer finally dozes off with the laptop on the bed, Capture One straining the computer’s fan, a photo of Bella in a neon wig on the screen, so many windows open.

Michael is wearing a neon wig with Anna Sui adjusting his pajamas in his dreams. The pajamas never looked so good… they fit like a second skin. On the glowing computer, everything is uploading, downloading, updating, until it’s miraculously finished. Now what to do? Only thing to do left is dream.

So I’m dreaming, but still only seeing photos. And the photos come alive… Daniela and Nina walking in Naeem, SiQi and Huan walking in every show. Tadashi, Adeam, and the daze of beauty they create. Chocheng nice to meet you. I’m so curious. Kelly.. I’m sorry i missed Fashion for Peace, but i crashed before the last day ended. Hogan and Jiri were amazing with the best pre-show soundtrack.

I’m talking to them in the photos, but without words, only with thoughts. A silent conversation photographers, models, and designers obsessively have.

We can read each other’s minds and we know we better read each other’s minds if we want to survive. Anticipate the sudden movements and downplay the flaws. F*ck it play up the flaws.

The beauty is often in the flaws. The dreams become more lucid in the lens flared vision and that million dollar million follower look that cuts through my eyes to my empty brain to my exploding heart and the beat-up camera which somehow captures it all.

The beauty is often in the flaws

In after-thought, it is a miracle, but clearly the strongest feeling on earth is beauty. Stronger than pain. We’re beauty. All of us.

That’s all we are. We are beauty in our flaws. We are beauty in our perfection. I hear it’s slightly warmer in Milano this week.

We’re beauty. All of us.

Ci vediamo. Alla prossima…


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