The Tourist’s Guide to Milano Centrale: Discover the Amenities

The Tourist’s Guide to Milano Centrale: Discover the Amenities

Milano Centrale is one of the largest train stations in all of Europe. This massive facility is a common hub for travel and sees more than 300,000 passengers and tourists move through it on a daily basis.

It not only services the great city of Milan but also acts as a hub for national and international travel.

If you are traveling through Europe and have the opportunity to go through Milano Centrale, you should definitely take this opportunity. The train sheds are beautifully constructed of steel and glass and the entire facility feels larger than life.

With 24 platforms and servicing hundreds of thousands of people a day, this translation alone is like a mini-city within Malino. With restaurants, shopping, and much more, a long layover in Milano Central doesn’t have to be dull.

If you are traveling through the Milano Centrale, here is everything you need to know about the different amenities offered and how to get the most out of your time.

How to Get the Most Our Milano Centrale

This train station is one of the most beautiful ornate stations in all of Europe. Operating since 1931, this extraordinary Centrale station has been one of the city’s attractions and has continued to amaze tourists ever since.

Its high arching steel and glass trainsheds are beautifully designed, even if you are only in the station for a short connection, you should take the time to explore it. Actually designed to be a statement of power by Benito Mussolini, this station has outlived the fascist regime and now stands as a testament to the beauty of Milano.

Free Wifi

The first thing you will want to do when you step into the Milano Centrale is take advantage of the free wifi. This is easy to use and you can sign using your Facebook or Twitter account.

Be Sure You Know Where You Are Going

Before enjoying the several restaurants, coffee shops, or even the shopping of the Milano Centrale, first, make sure that you are positive about where you are going. This is a large station that services hundreds of thousands of tourists a day. Ensuring that you know when and where to go will free you up to enjoy the amenities that are available and not worry or rush.

The station itself has 24 platforms and three train sheds. The platforms are easy to walk between, and it’s not hard to find a plan of the platforms to help guide you.

Galleria Commerciale

Located next to the platforms, this is the wide, beautiful hall where you can find everything from coffee to dinner or a quick bit for lunch. You can also find a variety of bars for a refreshing cocktail between connections, or before your journey begins. You can also find the magnificent entrance hall from this galleria which is well worth your time.

Supermarket Shopping

Below ground level, you will find the Sapori & Dintorni supermarket inside the train station. This is a large food market that is perfect to help you stock up on snacks for the next leg of your trip.

The Mural of Mussolini

One of the must-see sites for the Milano Centrale is the famous mural of Mussolini. Even though the mural has been defaced to a certain extent, it depicts Mussolini greeting the king of Italy and is a must-see for history buffs.

Enjoy Your Time At The Milano Centrale

Whether you have a few minutes to run around this famous strain station, or you have a couple of hours, you should focus on enjoying yourself. The station itself has more than enough lounges, bars, or coffee shops to get a refreshment, and if you need to stretch your legs it’s big enough to provide for a good walk.

Not only that, but popping outside of the train station you’ll find yourself in the beautiful city of Milan and there are several great places to eat within walking distance.

Luggage Storage in Milano Centrale

If you are looking to enjoy your time at Milano Centrale, then making sure you can do it without worrying about your luggage is key. This magnificent train station is expansive and the bit of the city right outside is worth seeing. Whatever amount of time you have during your travels, ensuring that your luggage is safely stored so you can explore is a great way to allow yourself to enjoy what the Malino Centrale has to offer.

Thankfully, using Bounce, luggage storage in Milano Centrale doesn’t have to be a headache. All you have to do is use the Bounce app to book your drop-off and pick-up times. Once your luggage is safely stored, you can enjoy the city of Milan directly around the train station, or stay inside its historic walls and enjoy the station itself.


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