The Musa Fabric By Joy Soo

Weaving in the Philippines is one of the distinctive ways of expressing the indigenous people’s art, culture, and tradition. Every region of the Philippines has its hand loom that has become its trademark.

In one of the provinces of the country called Davao del Norte, a fashion designer, Ms. Joy Soo, the reigning Mrs Philippines Grand International Classic, has revived this tradition as part of her desire to help the persons deprived of liberty/prisoners in the jail institutions and the Indigenous Women of different tribes in her locality who are the weavers of the fabric called MUSA, deriving from the scientific name of banana as this textile is made of banana fiber and threads combined to produce different colorful patterns.

The Musa Fabric By Joy Soo

The Musa Fabric — right from its inception during the pandemic outbreak in 2020 — has made its way to different countries through Musa Ambassadors and Exclusive Distributors.

It has also translated its traditional way of marketing to digital and online environments, which allows a broader reach of the global market.

Musa is currently available in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Morocco, Japan, Thailand, and Singapore.

In the second year of the pandemic, MUSA, embodied with strength, penetrates the world’s fashion capital, New York City. It showcases the different high fashion Filipina inspired couture clothing and accessories in avant-garde, occasion wear, and casual wear designs, which resembles Musa’s versatility.

Aside from the 22 models who will slay the actual runway for MUSA, the New York Times Square billboard experience has given that big break to 50 MUSA advocates worldwide to have their faces on billboards in Times Square.

It is a milestone for the MUSA Advocacy to be part of the New York Fashion Week annual event. Their collaboration with different designers from the Philippines to bring their designs to Times Square via digital Times Square billboards and hiTechMODA runways encourages more Filipino designers to aspire to showcase internationally.

Musa’s creator and designer, Ms. Joy Soo, considers the hiTechMODA show the most significant opportunity for Musa to soar even higher than it is today, despite the looming uncertainties as we adapt to this new level of normalcy.


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