The Best Air Jordans of All Time

The Jordans brand is worth billions of dollars and growing. From 2020 to 2021 alone, the sneaker brand’s revenue grew 31% from $3.6 to $4.8 billion. Reportedly, Michael Jordan pockets about 5% of those revenues annually.

If you are a fan of Michael Jordan’s eponymous shoe, you may be in the market for a pair or two. Maybe you want to rock your Jordans yourself. Or perhaps you are in the market for a pair you can resell.

No matter your intentions, you need to know the best Air Jordans to start your sneakerhead journey. And that is exactly why we are bringing you this guide to the most famous pairs of these classic sneakers.

Want to know the best Air Jordan types and colorways to invest in? Then keep reading this guide because we are talking about all the best versions of Jordans 1 through 11 below.

The Jordan 1 Chicago

The Air Jordan 1 came out on April 1st, 1985. Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield, and Bruce Kilgore designed the shoe exclusively for Michael Jordan.

The Chicago features red and white uppers, white soles, and black laces. It also features the iconic Nike swoosh in black. The only bad thing about these shoes is that they go for around $4,000 these days.

The Jordan 2 Multi-Color

The Air Jordan 2 came out in 1986. The brains behind this style were Bruce Kilgore and Peter Moore. Jordan 2s are known for their leather uppers and luxurious details.

No two pairs of the Multi-Color colorway are the same. Each shoe comes with its own unique color scheme that pays homage to vintage Jordan 2 colors, textures, and materials for a one-of-a-kind look.

The Jordan 3 Black Cement

The Air Jordan 3 came out a few years later, in 1988. Tinker Hatfield returned to design this iconic sneaker.

The Black Cement colorway came out in 2018 on Michael Jordan’s birthday. This pair features black, grey, and fire-red accents. These sneakers also feature a pop of elephant-print pattern on the toes and heels.

The Jordan 4 Retro Red Thunder

After the success of the Jordan 3, the Air Jordan 4 came out only a year later. Tinker Hatfield created another winner, releasing it in four vintage colorways.

The Jordan 4 Red Thunder is an update on the classic Thunder colorway. But instead of yellow, this shoe feature red accents on the vamps, soles, and nubuck leather uppers. The Jordan emblem is white across the tongue.

The Jordan 5 Off-White Black

The Jordan 5 came out in 1990. It was the third consecutive pair of Jordans that Tinker Hatfield designed.

Virgil Abloh created the Jordan 5 Off-White Black. They are inspired by the Air Jordan 5 Black Metallic with their full black uppers and vibrant gold soles. Accents of light gray and red add a splash of color to these minimal sneakers.

The Jordan 6 Fresh Prince

The Air Jordan 6 came out in 1991. It was the fourth consecutive pair of Jordans designed by Tinker Hatfield.

Fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will appreciate the pops of neon blue, green, and purple throughout. The uppers are a stormcloud gray with black accents to keep these shoes from being too loud.

The Jordan 7 Cigar

The Air Jordan 7 came out in 1992. To date, it is still one of Tinker Hatfield’s most popular Air Jordan models of all time.

Jordans enthusiasts know that minimal colorways are a rarity. That is why so many people love this release. The Cigar features a rust-red upper, white and camel gum soles, and metallic gold accents for a minimal yet luxurious vibe.

The Jordan 8 Stealth

The Air Jordan 8 came out in 1993. The year it came out is iconic for being Michael Jordan’s three-peat championship season. The AJ8 is yet another slam dunk from designer Tinker Hatfield.

Inspired by the Charlotte Bobcats, the Stealth is a grey and white platform sneaker with pops of neon orange. These sneakers are a sporty twist on the dad shoe trend with their buckled straps and chunky soles.

The Jordan 9 Doernbecher

The Air Jordan 9 was the second pair to come out in 1993. Nike released it in collaboration with designer Tinker Hatfield to recognize Michael Jordan’s official retirement from the NBA.

The Doernbercher is not only a good-looking shoe but also has impressive resale value. It features a white upper and black and white sole with black and gold trim featuring a feather pattern.

The Jordan 10 Linen

Styled as the Jordan X, the Air Jordan 10 came out in 1994. This was only the second pair of Jordans that never graced Michael Jordan’s feet as a pro basketball player.

The Linen colorway is another favorite among minimalistic men. It features a calming combo of crisp white uppers with a golden tan tongue and laces. The sole is the best part with its white and tan lug sole.

The Jordan 11 Concord

The Jordan 11 came out in 1995 and has been one of the most famous sneakers of all time ever since. Tinker Hatfield has referenced sports cars as the inspiration behind this shoe.

The most famous of all Jordan 1 colorways is no doubt the Concord. Its chunky soles and sporty uppers offer a futuristic vibe. But the real showstopper is the baby blue gummy soles that make these shoes like no other.

These Are the Best Air Jordans of All Time

The best Air Jordans are all on this list, but these are not the only models to look into. There are 35 total editions out currently, and new versions come out every year.

Are you looking for more advice to help you pick the best Nike Jordans? Then keep scrolling for more articles to update your style.


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