TG Botanical Special Drop 2023

Ukraine is a country that the whole world is talking about now.

Unfortunately, because of the terrible war that Russia unleashed on our land. Nevertheless, we continue to be strong and steadfast, and believe in the victory of good over evil, truth over lies, light over darkness. From the first days of the war, legends have been made about our brave men, and the strength of spirit and beauty of Ukrainian women completes the invincible image of the nation.

The men went to fight at the front, and the fragile and tender Ukrainian women in a matter of days turned into brave warriors who remained to defend their home and support their loved ones. Watching this reincarnation, the TG botanical team decided to create a special collection.

The new drop of the brand is inspired and dedicated to the resilience and fortitude of Ukrainian women. And yet, the silhouettes of the collection and the ease of its presentation convey the designer’s Tetyana’s Chumak desire to support her “sisters” in these difficult times and remind them of their beauty and ability to enjoy every new day.

TG Botanical

The brand’s team was working with a particular trepidation to the development of techniques for dyeing fabrics. To obtain a sky blue color, the material is first dyed violet-purple in logwood extract, and then the color is modified to blue.

The sun-yellow tint is given to the fabric by being pickled in rust extract and then dyed in a decoction of turmeric.


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