Tatyana Kodzayeva’s Style: Juicy Colors, Eclecticism, and Spectacular Accessories

Tatyana Kodzayeva’s Style: Juicy Colors, Eclecticism, and Spectacular Accessories

The outfits of fashion blogger @kodzayeva never go unnoticed. She mixes trendy clothes and timeless classics, chooses stylish accessories, always keeps up with the latest fashion trends, and knows how to emphasize her femininity. What sets her apart from others?

Tatyana Kodzayeva

Color decides

It’s impossible to take your eyes off the colorful accents in every Tatyana’s outfit. She wears clothes in bright and fresh colors with confidence, skillfully combines vibrant and pastel shades, and looks elegant in classic black or neutral beige or white. Tatyana makes bold accents on vivid colors and details and this creates an incredible effect in each of her fashion looks.

Masculinity adds sensuality

Oversized jackets, joggers, men’s hoodies and shirts, ugly sneakers – she looks magnificently feminine in whatever she wears. After all, nothing suits women and looks so fragile as a wardrobe item borrowed from men. Tatyana combines a strong and strict masculine style with delicate “girly” colors and chic accessories. This is her signature.

Dress sexy and sensual to catch the attention

Sensuality in details: opened back and legs, bare and fragile shoulders, deep neckline. These seemingly simple accents emphasize the silhouette and complete each look of @kodzayeva. She feels confident and it’s her best weapon.

Style is created in a successful combination

Tatiana easily and boldly combines different styles, creates harmonious looks and “tries on” eclecticism, always takes risks and mixes clothes without any rules – this is what helps her to look chic. Masculine jackets and silk dresses, elegant heels and jokers – whatever she wears, it shows her personal style.

Jewelry and accessories to perfect the look

Tatyana wears trendy scarves and massive chains, always matches sunglasses with outfits and she is not afraid to experiment with accessories. She knows that details always finish and sometimes create the whole fashion look. @kodzayeva mostly chooses bags of her own design – The Kode. She created a new Ukrainian fashion brand of handmade bags and accessories and the first collection is now available for a worldwide shipping.
For her outfits she also adds accent details, stylish jewelry and trendy combinations.


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