Summer Colors and Styles You Need in Your Drawer of Intimates

At the start of summer, sit back and examine the colors in your closet. If you usually switch to vibrant summer shades, don’t overlook doing so for your drawer of intimates.

Choosing bras and underwear for summer is excellent for building a coordinating wardrobe while helping you stay on top of innovative upgrades to demi bras and chic silhouettes. This summer, create a summer-ready collection of intimates designed to fit your body and flatter your skin tone with the shades of the season.

3 Reasons Summer Shades Make a Difference

Aside from investing in new bras and underwear that fit your body and lifestyle, you have quite a few reasons to indulge in summer intimates. These reasons could be all you need to upgrade or swap out some pieces.


Adding lively and fresh colors to your collection of intimates is rewarding and enjoyable because you can upgrade essential pieces and experience the colors of the summer. It should bring joy and gratification. There’s a wide range of summer colors, so choosing one for yourself will cater to your unique tastes in bras and underwear.


In addition to enjoying the pieces you purchase, investing in new intimates is also a practical choice for summer. Your wardrobe will more than likely change from one season to the next, and having an assortment of colors in your collection of bras and underwear allows you to select pieces based on what you’re going to wear during the day.


Summer is a great time to focus on your style. There are a lot of areas to explore in the world of fashion, and the right intimates can change the game. Stylish modern bras might help you feel a little bolder with your outfit choices, wearing clothes that allow a bra to make a tasteful appearance.

4 Hues to Add to Your Drawer of Intimates

You must have colors that come to mind when you think of shades for summer. They’re usually vibrant or muted light colors that disappear beneath clothes for summer, and every year, different colors are in style. Of course, you also need one dark color for days when you wear darker clothing. So, keep these shades in mind this summer to elevate your intimates.


Just the name marigold brings to mind bright blooms of an energetic, yellow hue. It looks stunning and chic as it graces the fabric of bras and underwear, whether they’re mesh, microfiber, or modal. It’s a great color to wear beneath sheer white T-shirts or summer sundresses. If you don’t usually opt for colorful bras, this is a fun color to wear on bottom as well.

Light Blue

A more understated shade of the season is a light blue or sky blue. As a softer color, sky blue is a lovely hue that makes you think of pleasant weather and refreshing drinks. You can find demi bras in delightful sky hues, with coverage that’ll help maintain the modesty and enjoyability of the piece. It’s also a lovely shade for matching bras and underwear.


Even in summer, you should have a darker color in your collection of intimates. Instead of black, you can select other seasonal shades like dark brown or espresso. These deeper shades still have a flare of seasonality without getting too into the enthusiasm of colors like marigold. Plus, browns transition easily into fall, and you can honestly wear this color year-round.

Light Naturals

If you are more interested in wearing pieces featuring colors that get inspiration from the natural world, you might lean more toward a sheer amber or a color similar to a dried raffia palm. They’re very summery and light, keeping things fresh and clean without the boldness of bright colors.

How to Find a Summer Silhouette for Your Body

If you’re investing in new pieces for your drawer of intimates, do your research on different features. Summers are hot and can be more humid than other times of the year. You might also be going on vacation and choosing clothes to wear over your bras and underwear. Take all of that into consideration and use the following tips to find the right bra and underwear for you.

Explore Cup Shapes

It’s important to look at the shape of a cup when shopping for a summer bra. You want it to form to your body rather than restrict your boobs. A bra will have cups more suitable for different boob shapes depending on the silhouette. You might be lucky enough to find a bra brand offering suggestions about boob shapes for different cup silhouettes.

Feel How the Band Fits

The band is a critical aspect of the fit if you’re wearing a bra all day in the summer heat, on vacation, or literally any other day of the year. Bra bands provide a significant amount of support to your shape. When you invest in a premium, modern bra, give it about 30 minutes to form to your body to ensure the band fits correctly.

Assess the Materials

Rather than selecting a bra with frilly or overly padded materials, you could choose fabrics more suitable for summer months, like unlined power mesh or unlined microfiber. These soft, smooth, and lightweight materials will change how you feel about your intimates.

4 Styles to Consider

With that in mind, a high-quality piece designed to fit your body and align with your wardrobe is ideal. There will be a variety of silhouettes available, and some styles will look slightly different from one brand to another. Make sure the silhouettes you explore will support your body, and use the previous tips to help select the best options from the following intimates.

Demi Bras

Demi bras are a classic silhouette every woman should have on hand for casual days and easy wearing. Unlined demi bras with innovative materials like 3D spacer fabric for the cups provide a little extra cover, making them the perfect summer T-shirt bra. Breathable materials will keep the extra cup coverage comfortable and cool throughout the warmer months.

Balconette Bras

When you want to try a new style and have yet to experience a balconette bra, you absolutely must invest in one of these silhouettes. Not only does a vintage-inspired balconette suit and flatter many different boob shapes, but they’re also absolutely stunning when made out of a strong, lightweight power mesh material.

Mesh Bras

Carrying that idea forward, you will find that mesh bras and underwear are a fantastic style for summer. Luxury mesh bras and underwear are lightweight and supportive. A mesh bra can be reinforced by a flexible underwire, and mesh underwear can rest smoothly against your skin.

Matching Separates

If you’re going for a total upgrade from top to bottom, treat yourself to a pair of matching separates. Sometimes, purchasing a matching bra and underwear is the secret to feeling good all day long. You can mix and match styles, like wearing plunge bras with high waist panties or a balconette bra with that same bottom style for a vintage feel. Look for a brand offering these matching pieces separately, so the power of choice is always in your hands.

This summer, explore the variety of bra and underwear shades and silhouettes of bras and underwear and accentuate your body in its natural state. Regardless of bra size and climbing temps, you deserve to feel comfortable, sensual, and strong in your intimates. Choose high-quality pieces based on your unique characteristics, and you’re bound to enjoy the season.


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