Summer 2023 Fashion: Dressing For A Day At The Beach

Summer is approaching, meaning days spent on the beach with an ice cream and a volleyball are nearly here! So, now is the perfect time to start planning your summer styles!

Everybody deserves to feel comfortable and confident on the beach, which is why unlocking your most fashionable look is vital. It may seem a daunting prospect, but following a clear plan will lead you to stunning results. Say hello to summer with the tips below and you won’t go far wrong.

Find The Perfect Bikini

First and foremost, you need the perfect bikini to form the foundation of your beach attire. Women’s bikinis from Gone Loca are the perfect solution as they deliver premium quality materials at an affordable price. Moreover, the Latin American-inspired designs are bold and eye-catching for all the right reasons.

A bikini that hugs your figure in a way that supports your natural body shape and size will transform your confidence on the beach. Whether you’re size 0 or plus-size doesn’t matter. Every woman deserves to feel confident in her beach attire. Selecting the right fit and style will go a long way to making this happen.

Whether sunbathing or playing beach sports, the right bikini or swimwear will make all the difference. Besides, it can also help guide your decisions regarding accessories and other beach items. For that reason, your bikini choices are the perfect place to start.

Summer Styling With Sunnies

Several accessories may be worn during a day at the beach. However, designer sunglasses from Randolph should be the top item on your agenda. Aside from helping you look the part, they will give your eyes suitable protection from the sun’s UV rays. Likewise, they can be worn at the mall, when cruising in your car, or a host of other settings.

When buying sunglasses, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about finding the best products. You also need to focus heavily on matching them to the size and shape of your face. As with bikinis, the fit is just as important as the style. The right frames can deliver years of use.

Wearing sunglasses isn’t just about looking the part, though. If you already wear prescription eyeglasses, you must take this into account. Prescription sunglasses are an option. Alternatively, you could wear standard sunglasses in conjunction with contact lenses.

Investing In The Right Bag

As well as sunglasses, you may need to consider light t-shirts, sarongs, and other items for the beach. Therefore, you will need a suitable bag to carry them. Large tote bags can be a fantastic solution, especially as they’ll have enough space for sun lotions, water bottles, towels, and other key items.

Tote bags are durable too, which is vital for the beach. As far as designs are concerned, nautical themes are a good option. Alternatively, a bold color that stands out on the beach will work well. For the best results, you could match them to the color of your bikini. This will help you rock an even more confident look.

Backpacks are another option, especially when the beach trip is a family day out. Either way, you should look for durable materials that are ideally waterproof. After all, the bag needs to be practical as well as eye-catching.

Preparing Your Skin For Summer

One of the great things about spending more time on the beach is that it’ll leave you with sun-kissed skin. If you’re a little self-conscious about showing your skin after keeping it covered all winter, you’re not alone. Using self-tanning lotion over the next few weeks could reduce some of those anxieties. Essentially, it gives you a headstart.

As well as building a tan, you should place added focus on hydration. This will help flush toxins out of the body to leave your skin looking smoother for the summer. It is also useful to focus on a good nighttime beauty routine and regular sleep pattern. These lifestyle tips won’t only help your skin for the summer. They deliver year-long benefits.

Cellulite, stretch lines, and other imperfections are all natural. So, you should not fear them. Nevertheless, getting your skin in better health for the beach will boost your confidence. And this will be reflected in your appearance.

Choosing The Right Footwear

When looking for fashion choices, you often want to stand out from the crowd. When it comes to beach footwear, though, following the crowd is advised. Hawaiian slippers and carry sandals are the obvious choices. Frankly, we wouldn’t even consider veering away from them. Heels, wedges, and even sneakers are just impractical.

The right slip-ons aren’t only practical and convenient. They’re also versatile. Whether you’re in a bikini or have changed into denim shorts or a light button-down dress, slip-ons complete the look. Furthermore, you can quickly take them off and carry them if you decide to feel the glorious sand between your toes.

Footwear choices may become more or less important depending on whether the beach is sandy or rocky. Either way, you should opt for quality. Otherwise, a broken strap will leave you walking barefoot for the rest of the day.

Styling Your Hair

The right hairstyle will level up your style in any setting. When hitting the beach, heatless hair styling techniques can be particularly useful. It is a very effective method for achieving beachy waves but can also be used to unlock other styles. A confident style that allows your hair to catch the sunlight will give you a dazzling appearance.

You probably won’t need to stray too far from your standard summer hairstyle. Still, appreciating the impact of hot and humid weather on your hair is vital for maintaining your comfort. Having it down is probably a wise move if you plan to wear a sporty cap or a wide-brimmed straw hat too.

Whichever style you opt for, though, it’s best to have some quick fixes up your sleeve. This will allow you to restore your fashionable looks after a game of volleyball or dip in the sea. So, you can enjoy those activities with confidence.


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