Sukeina Spring/Summer 2022 Womenswear Collection Hue

Sukeina Spring/summer 2022 Womenswear Collection Hue

Sukeina’s Spring/Summer 2022 Womenswear Collection, entitled HUE dares to propose a world where the communality of our existence is distilled into instantly covetable pieces for the contemporary woman.

For Creative Director Omar Salam, hues and indeed the idea of what constitutes humanity itself are examined via the juxtaposition of primary colors and their secondary iterations of purple, fuchsia, and the palest teal and olive.


Photographer: Hyuna Shin @hyunashinfoto

The natural world, and the Bantu people of Africa who span across several countries, were the genesis for a collection that aims to create a manifesto for distilling the beauty of adaptation. It also seeks to champion how evolution prompted by changing circumstances is the foundation for creating something altogether better. HUE is also a commentary on where society currently stands on wider issues concerning inclusivity, be it race, gender, or orientation, and how we sit at a crossroad where we can choose to look beyond colors and forms and seek synergies through the shared experience of existence that flows between all living beings. Salam elaborates “Life is a dance and we must find our rhythm’ and it begins with a visual celebration of all our hues and how apart or blended, they create a harmony like no other. Salam chooses to explore these themes in the choice of fabrications: cotton guipure is the principal canvas and is joined with the lightness of touch and movement afforded by pleated silk georgette and anchored by black and white. Japanese Neoprene, something of a house trademark returns as too do ostrich plume flourishes on evening pieces that have become a hallmark of the brand.

The word ‘Hu’ in Sufi Islamic teaching is the word for ‘the divine’ who is described as neither male nor female but is instantly recognizable via the impression left of connection with an elevated presence. Salam, who was raised Muslim, expands upon this notion with the introduction of crystals on hemlines, necklines and pocket details reflecting both the divine spark of creation and the spark of curiosity that occurs in our daily lives be it at work, between lovers, or when inspired by art or nature. A softened silhouette is indicative of the brand’s ageless appeal, neither chasing youth or trends but instead inviting wearers to discover a heightened sense of self and being.


Event Photographer: Alex Lopez @alexlopezphoto
Lookbook Photographer: Hyuna Shin @hyunashinfoto
Production: SUKEINA @s.u.k.e.i.n.a
Producer: Dimeji Alara @dimejialara
Music: Jerry Wonder @princewonda


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