Strange Underwear Trends That Really Happened

In celebration of National Underwear Day, we humbly present: strange underwear trends (that really happened!). These weird and wacky trends are even more incredible because, yes, they really took place. While a lot of these may have been clever or even inspired, for the most part they weren’t a great fit for consumers worldwide, and — as a result — their lives were very brief. (See what we did there?)

So get ready to see which of these are still in use today, and which haven’t stood the test of time. Some of these may surprise you, but one thing shouldn’t: as long as there’s innovation to be made, manufacturers will keep exploring new options.

Fat Burning Underwear

Some people who want to lose weight have tried underwear made from nanofiber that creates resistance to aid in burning calories. The nanofiber technology is based on the nano front, which is a polyester that is designed primarily to polish industrial tools. This is one of the most common men’s and women’s underwear styles that continues to be prevalent even up to today, specifically in Japan. In this case, your underwear can hasten your fat loss. This may happen, particularly as you are being quite active while wearing this kind of underwear.

Organic Underwear

If you are one who prefers organic rather than otherwise, then you will be delighted to know that even underwear are already designed from organic materials such as cotton grown free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It seems like this trend is not yet over because more and more manufacturers are supporting this cause to mitigate environmental damage. The best part is that the designs of these undergarments also feature slogans that encourage people to go green.

Glow in the Dark Underwear

If you are someone who exerts an extra effort to stand out from the crowd, then a glow in the dark underwear is perfect for you. One company from Australia came up with this brilliant idea to boost the confidence of men wearing boxer briefs. Unfortunately, you may no longer have the chance to get your hands on the original brand of these amazing undergarments because the company only produced limited pieces.

Underwear with Secret Compartments

If you are often traveling, then you would love undergarments with secret compartments. This trend has been popular with Scottish men, and the pockets were designed to fit in phones and even passports. Aside from the pockets, these were also designed with fast-drying capabilities, which prove to be important during travel. They also feature an antimicrobial odor and stain-resistant treatment.

To wrap things up, fat burning, organic, glow in the dark, as well as underwear with secret compartments are only some of the unique undergarment trends in the past, with some continuing up to today. There are still other styles that can prove to be surprising such as male lingerie or push up underwear, as well as latex lingerie or underwear with tails. Regardless of the underwear design that you try on, keep in mind that the important thing is that they keep you both comfortable and confident while wearing them.


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