Story Behind TrendyB’s IGBOAMAKA COLLECTION Showcased at Paris City Fashion Week 2022

TrendyB’s IGBOAMAKA COLLECTION Is a collection that tells the Story of The Designer Blessing Azolibe’s Culture and Heritage.

Greatly influenced by her Eastern Nigerian root . It has always been a dream of hers to bring to the world attention the vibrancy and uniqueness of her Igbo culture .

Born in Anambra state in Nigeria to Mr and Mrs Azolibe, TrendyB grew up surrounded by great and inspiring Igbo people who were resilient, culturally sound and ambitious , and they became an influential figure in her life.


Photos: Mariana Cattoir

The IGBOAMAKA collection was created using traditional Royal igbo fabric known as ISIAGU ; A Velvety fabric with Lion head Motiff that dates back many centuries ago in igbo kingdom and symbolises the strength of a Lion . It is a fabric held to high esteem in igbo land and was previously only worn by Titled people in the land And also for special ceremonies like cheiftancy and marriage ceremonies. it represent’s a sense of pride and identity to the wearer

It is with great honour that I share some aspect of Ndigbo Culture to the world through my IGBOAMAKA COLLECTION and I hope it leaves a lasting impression.


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