St Henri Spring Summer Collection 2020 LFWM

Represented by Agency Eleven.

For their second presentation at lfwm, st-henri creates a story built around the heart cave; a fictional community of odd, yet fascinating characters, blending countercultural sensibilities and spirituality into a modern utopian aesthetic, held together by an all-american backbon.

Montreal-born designer jean-loup leblanc roy envisions a uniform for this community by refining and reinterpreting american shapes and juxtaposing rigidity and fluidity in the search for harmony.

St Henri

The collection features distorted lines and patterns, acid washed and overdyed fabrics, all translating a ‘psychological’ trip onto each garment. In this context, comfort becomes primordial: oversized garments are wrapped around the body, hugging the human form. Utilitarian details inspire the wearer to achieve a self-sustained attitude, whilst the soft colour palettes of white, green, yellow and brown stimulate inner purity.

The dreamy presentation is set in the studios of heart cave fm 77.70 mhz, the group’s diy radio used to spread their countercultural message of ‘love and acceptance’. The outdated medium somehow becomes an act of rebellion against an evermore alienating technology focused lifestyle.

From its inception, st-henri is engaged in responsible sourcing, using organic and high-grade fabrics exclusively. From this season onward, st-henri will end its utilisation of animal leather and introduce ecological packaging solutions, leveraging bioplastics and innovative materials.


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