Spring Fashion Trends for 2023

Another spring is crawling up upon us, which means that the trends for the new seasons are going to be coming out in full force any time now to prepare us and our closets.

Spring is a funny time of year for fashion because it is not quite cold for winter gear and not quite warm enough to go layer-less, so you can expect to see an eclectic mix to piece together.

Whether your new year’s resolution is to overhaul your style, or you are already a hardcore fashionista, this piece is going to discuss some of the spring fashion trends you can expect to see on the runway and in the street this year.

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Sheer Fabrics

Perhaps fashion is being a little too ambitious when it comes to spring weather this year, but nevertheless, sheer fabrics are in and are ready to take center stage.

Thankfully, this trend is not just asking you to slip on some lace or rayon and brace for the April showers – it does encourage you to wear layers, and how many are pretty much up to you. While the key look is the sheer fabric, there are not any rules on what it needs to go over, so just make it work for you if you want to give this trend a go.

That being said, it is sheer fabric that seems to be making an appearance as a modesty layer, so if you are feeling daring and have some particularly nice lingerie you want to show off but also not too much, then this might be the key way to do it.

Y2K Style

The noughties called and it does not want its style back, it wants you to enjoy it. Apple bottom jeans? Boots with the fur? Yes, you can expect to see a time warp in the stores shortly.

Already going viral on TikTok, womens Ugg boots are back to stay, keeping everyone both comfy and stylish – a trend that appears to be sticking around since the pandemic.

Low-rise jeans are also making a comeback, and while many will be on the fence as to whether they want to embrace this move, at least they are still baggier than ever.

Heavy Leather

Has leather ever really gone out of fashion? No, but it is being refreshed for this year’s spring and summer. Leather jackets look like they are set to be the go-to, but if you would like to mix and match another trend that is also set for the up and coming months, an oversized leather blazer will hit both key points.

However, if you prefer leather on your lower half, then leather skirts and pants are also excellent options if you would like to get in on the trend in a more stand-out manner.

Trends are fun, but you should only try them out if you want to. Sress so you are comfortable in yourself, and the rest will follow.


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