Sonia Carrasco Spring-Summer 21 Collection

Sonia Carrasco Spring-Summer 21 Collection

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It all begins with the experimentation and deconstruction of a form, a stimulation of the memory and the reflection of your own thought processes. Alongside these come the act of self-awareness, the ability to focus your attention on your own perceptions, concerns, sensations and thoughts.

The Spring-Summer 21 collection titled “20-20” was born as the result of an internal process, where reality is observed at different levels through rational exploration and intuitive deepening. It is based on the reflection of one’s own moods and the ability to express them through fashion.

Sonia Carrasco

Transparencies, textures, overlapping layers, empty and contrasting areas reflect and at the same time lead on to an exploratory journey that started with this collection.

Sonia Carrasco puts craftsmanship and responsibility at the centre of everything. Her vision of fashion in one in which design and artisanal craft are once again the protagonists of the collections, using materials and methods with the least possible impact on the planet. This is why the brand is continuously striving to learn and work in a responsible way, with materials that are recycled, organic or vegan, and produced in local workshops, therefore minimizing its environmental impact and helping the local economy.

The two previous collections were named with the geographic coordinates relating to a specific environmental issue on the planet (such as the Aral Sea), but this season life has made it difficult to choose a single problem, when the whole year feels like one. So Sonia decided to name this collection “20-20” because the planet is giving us a wake-up call that we can no longer ignore.

Sonia has been wanting to unite her two passions – tailoring and knitwear – for quite some time. These are two techniques that have not yet come together in the way she envisioned them. She invested the past months in researching and developing the first pieces in which she was able to finally merge these.

This is just the beginning though and the team are devoting many resources to perfecting such fusion and creating a process of constant improvement.

The collection is based on elegant suits and deconstructs the designs while giving them a powerful touch. It features neutral, earthy colours with a touch of contrasting orange – the collection’s protagonist hue.

The main materials used in the collection are recycled cotton, hemp and cupro. The knitwear is made with recycled and organic thread. The team have also used vegan leather made from recycled sugar cane. The buttons and closures are all made of recycled polyester and recycled seeds.

Film credits

Direction and photography by Miguel Triano
DOP by Alvar Riu
Art Direction by Dana Silva
Eyewear: Linda Farrow
Footwear: New Balance


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