Songzio 22AW ‘Metamorphoses’ at Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Songzio 22AW ‘Metamorphoses’

This 22FW collection presented during Paris fashion week marks a new beginning for the brand marking Jay Songzio’s first official international collection. The collection also stars the Korean actor, Kim Youngdae, the brand’s newly appointed ambassador.

Titled ‘Metamorphoses’ after Ovid’s poem, this collection seeks to capture the primitive metamorphosis of persona in a moonlit night. Songzio’s protagonist, the ‘misanthrope’, a man of stark appearance yet of poetic sensibilities, travels through the violent and dark rocks protected by the blue moonlight. As he walks through the spectral valley of silence and echo, darkness and light, eeriness and beauty, he is revealed and transformed.

Songzio 22AW ‘Metamorphoses’

Songzio presents a collection with opposing aesthetics: Oriental yet Western, Rough yet elegant, angular yet rounded, dark yet colorful. With the highlighting notion of Metamorphosis, this season’s pieces are transformative, multi layered and multi textural.

This season’s signature piece is the ‘Meta Jacket’, a triple layered Jacket with a vest and inner lining layers that can be transformed in various methods using technical details, allowing new ways of layering with other garments. This set piece jacket is worn with the Meta Trouser, a double layered wide cocoon trousers.

The collection begins with Songzio’s signature color, Vermilion, and is otherwise dominated by black. As the collection progresses, vivid colors of yellow, orange and pink reveal themselves representing the metamorphosis of the collection’s protagonist, a man of stark exterior yet artistic sensibility. Finally, the collection ends with this season’s signature color, grey, perhaps the final form after the metamorphosis, representing the light coexisting with darkness.

This collection is characterized by the heavy use of multi textured fabrics from brand’s signature handmade ‘cracked’ fabric with metal inner lining, light to heavy boucle, metal vinyl, technical satin, tafta, fine & heavy cotton and wool gabardine. These very different fabrics are brought together with asymmetrical patchwork and layering. Songzio’s signature embroideries symbolizing painting strokes on clothes, are prevalent throughout the collection. Further enriching the collection are the brand’s hand made detailings from hand bent buttons, leather patchworks and cotton bands with metal studs.


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