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Soaring in the Sky With Sorabyrd

Jordan Byrd the designer of SoraByrd is a seeker of spiritual growth, always on the fly and experiencing this beautiful world. Jordan has completed yoga teacher training in Ubud, Bali and shares alignment practices through flows. Going within, finding focus on the mind and body.

She thinks you will find your place and mission with vision along the way too. “In a kimono is where I feel ready at all times for anything the world may bring me, walking with confidence feeling elegant, and people looking at me.” – JB


(Photos: Desiree Navvaro and Pedro Noriega)

Q: How did you get started in fashion? Was your passion always in fashion?

With my vagabond lifestyle I’m always on the fly and needed outfits that were suitable day to night, from yoga to meetings, and traveling with the challenge to fit it in a carry-on. I found my love with the start of kimonos. This started as a yoga instructor and didn’t want to follow the workout clothing trend. As a business for yoga wear I’ll personally stick to Alo myself, but found a niche market in high end beach towns with my kimonos.

Q: Where did your inspiration come from?

SoraByrd’s inspiration is drawn from nature, culture, to taking flights to explore and adore what this world holds. The freedom of the bird always gave me inspiration when I saw it fly. Being able to create that freedom of expression and fluidity to match your schedule in a day helps a lot. From meetings to events to something that’s beautiful and comfortable. You can’t beat how functional yet fashionable kimonos make you feel and accentuate your figure.

Q: What is the challenging part of building the brand? Any incident made you think twice about continuing?

Personally for SoraByrd I didn’t go to traditional fashion studies, I just asked a question and found someone somewhere in that area of the field to answer and of course Google. Start exploring, creating, and collaborating. I’m learning as I go but it’s not just the product but learning numbers, scheduling, PR, marketing, raising funding, allocating funding and what direction and message I aim to tell. This is the best ongoing masterpiece and I’m figuring it out by creating my team currently.

Q: What were your initial goals when you first started the company?

SoraByrd’s passion project is to shine light on the darkness from the creation of products and to enable the sewing programs for human trafficking victims which is a skill for freedom. SoraByrd’s current production is out of Tulum, Mexico but is made by a family that shows we are all here for a reason and can become something out of fire, a soaring phoenix. SoraByrd has shown in the two years that it has launched in NYFW, Monaco Fashion Week, Hamptons Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Miami Art Basel and more to come.

Q: Where do you see Sorabyrd 3 years from now?

SoraByrd will have its sewing program in motion and distributed throughout the world with a strong team carrying a message. Birds fly north together and flock together sharing the same perspective along the way.

Q: .How do you plan your next steps for the brand? Any collaborations you would like the audience to know?

I am currently scouting the perfect SoraByrd team that has the same perspective and are leaders in the online and offline community. People that we need to look up and encourage to be better together. Ideally someone like Karlie Kloss who not only was a top model, yet also engaged in academics and enabled a coding school for the children of our future.

Q: Have you made plans for the brand’s involvement in NFT projects or Web 3.0?

SoraByrd has dabbled and discovered how Web 3.0 can be a part of the brand. SoraByrd ideally would be a part of the NFt community with the utility of one getting the physical kimono, second a wearable one for your avatar, and third a percentage of proceeds going toward the creation of SoraByrds sewing program. So far in SXM festival, Tulum, Malibu, Miami and soon more destinations retreats will be up and discounted to the SoraBabe Club. You can purchase SoraByrd’s line with crypto soon as well.

Q: How do you feel about brands creating digital clothing for online platforms such as the metaverse and games? Why do you feel that way?

I think it’s a fun way of expression and offers ideas to the creator and options to make it in real life as well. I think there can be some brain engaging games created to spark creativity.

Reach out to Jordan Byrd, the creator of SoraByrd for your boutique or inquire for collaborations and team building opportunities. Any concerns contact or dm @sorabyrd on Insta. Much love and keep soaring.


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