Simonetta Lein On Fashion Forward Thinking

Simonetta Lein On Fashion Forward Thinking

Simonetta Lein is still slowly taking over the planet. Seen at Red Carpet events, with a massive social media presence the Italian born inspiration has manifested a miracle in the short time she has called Philadelphia her home.

Simonetta Lein

Q: How have you pushed to incorporate your knowledge and influence on fashion into the numerous aspects of your career?

Fashion is the immediate result people see about you. It better represents you well.

It is a true form of art and I love to create with it. In this new photoshoot the style of my hair and makeup was planned for weeks. You can easily understand how much work goes for fashion, as it complements every aspect of my career: from my TV show to my photoshoots to events, courses and interviews. Fashion is my business card.

Q: Where do you see the fashion industry headed after the prolonged conditions of Covid-19?

The fashion industry is resilient and it is showing its own creativity. We will see online fashion shows and even faster fashion arising. This allows more people to be involved and that aspect is precious to me. Brands and designers will have to quickly adapt and use their social media now more than ever.

Q: What role does fashion play in terms of your new television network, SLTV?

As many professionals, I have created my own TV studio for The Simonetta Lein Show. This current situation has pushed me beyond my limits too and I am glad it did. I personally study every look I will have with my guests, and a big fashion change I have implemented was to have co creative inspiration for my looks. I thank my team Messiah Jones #Thewigdoctor for my hair style, Jasmine Smith for my makeup and Kate Massih my production manager for making sure everything is on point together with the executive producer Raphael Amabile of Ausonia Partners LLC.

The team work makes the dream work.

Q: How do you use fashion to inspire and empower your female followers across the globe?

I aim to inspire all, male and female to be the best version of themselves. To my women out there I say: there is nothing that a woman can not achieve. We are creators of life, we can overcome anything.


Top Model Simonetta Lein @simonettalein
Executive Producer Raphael Amabile of Ausonia Partners LLC
Production Manager Kate Massih @klmassih
Celebrity Hair Stylist Messiah Jones #thewigdoctor @holygrailofbeautysupplyllc
MUA Jasmine Smith @facesbyjleigh
Showroom @theconfessionalshowroomnyc
Glasses Stevie Boi
Jewlery Mikah Fashion


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