Seeing Double? Or Seeing Change? New Size Inclusive Designer Takes Twinning Trend To The Next (Body Positive) Level

From the runway to social media, twinning has become a huge trend that we’re seeing in the fashion industry, proving that two really is better than one. And while it is an added cost to the designer, it is worth it. Seeing double can lead to seeing change.

On Instagram and Tik Tok, there are more and more side by side photos and reels of influencers in the same outfit in different sizes, shapes, heights, and age groups. At Gucci’s Twinsburg show during Milan Fashion Week, identical twins walked the runway together in matching looks. And just two weeks before at NYFW, new size inclusive designer, Gita Omri, took this twinning trend to the next (body positive) level with the debut of her SS23 collection where she had two models side by side in the same piece, one in a size 4 and the other in a size 20.

Gita Omri

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Sameness is no longer a taboo. It’s a way to connect. To bond. To feel included. And for Gita, it goes even deeper than that. It’s a way for her customers to see themselves represented in her collection. Gita’s desire has been to make clothing for women of all sizes…because women come in all shapes and sizes. Gita wanted to change the status quo and be the change she wishes to see in the fashion industry. She says, “We do not segregate with the sizing groups. We have one collection that is from size 0-30.”

USA Today’s article this week, “Fashion’s Diversity Problems Still Exist – How The Industry Can Evolve” and how Gita Omri is helping to change that with her size inclusive collection feels more important now than ever. Making two different size looks for the runway makes it more expensive for the designer, but Gita says it is worth it because she believes it is important and can lead to real change in the industry. Omri explains, “Making a size 4 and a size 20 sample size is double the cost because you can’t simply use the size 4 pattern and make it larger when those body types are different.”

With her SS23 collection titled ‘Resilience,’ Gita says, “I find inspiration in the resilience of women. We all have our own journey, our own story. Fashion and clothing help tell our story to the world. Our bodies are a major part of our evolution; that’s why inclusive sizing is so important.”

“By providing an inclusive line we put to rest the alienating term “plus size” used to describe women who do not fit the archaic standards of beauty,” says Gita. By eliminating the split between the sizing groups and promoting body positivity, Gita’s hope is to lower the importance of belonging to one size group or another and bring back joy to the shopping experience.

Gita takes it a step further with a very honest and heartfelt note for her sizing chart and her thoughts on the sizing system. She adds, “I truly believe that size shouldn’t matter and that the number in our garment is just a tool to help us buy clothing. As a woman, I have spent my life trying to live up to my belief that size doesn’t matter but I’m human and I don’t always feel so logical and confident. This size chart makes it easier to go from development to market…[and is] a tool to help us direct you to the best Gita Omri garment for your body. We are not plus, not minus, just womenswear! ”

The SS23 line includes a variety of flowy dresses, mid and maxi length skirts, crop tops, dress pants and blouses in bold colors, prints and graphic designs. And the best part, her collection is now available to shop on pre-sale at

About Gita Omri

Gita Omri Brown is a new Israeli-American designer based in New York who made her NYFW debut for her SS23 collection titled “Resilience”. Her size inclusive, luxury womenswear collection is available for women of all sizes, 0-30. “Not plus, not minus…just womenswear,” this is what her body positive, luxury collection stands for. Gita says, “We all deserve to look and feel our best regardless of our race, nationality, or SIZE. Dignity has no size tag and fashion should reflect that. Our mission is to reintroduce fashion as a tool to enhance one’s confidence and self-esteem. With my label I seek to empower women to present themselves to the world in their true form with pride, acceptance, and authenticity.”


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