Sebago® Joins Forces with Gitman Bros

Sebago with Gitman Bros

Two classic American brands meet to create the first “Sebago® with Gitman Bros” co-branding venture inspired by the manufacturing tradition of the United States’ East Coast. The brands are both veterans in their respective fields, hand-made shoes for Sebago® and men’s ties and shirts exclusively produced in the US for Gitman Bros. Unique characteristics passed on over generations and brought back to life with three “Sebago® with Gitman Bros” styles for spring-summer 2020: a pair of boating shoes and two short-sleeve shirts.

Sebago®’s Docksides Portland style have been re-imagined in white leather and feature the distinctive Gitman Bros green on one of the outer eyelets; the green is also seen in the double logo printed on the insole.

The shirts are customized with a miniature Docksides repeated pattern: one with the black Portland profile on a white cotton short-sleeve design; and the Spinnaker’s, in its three colors, white, light blue and dark blue, for the mixed cotton tencel fabric red version.

The GV x Sebago Docksides Portland retail for $150 and the GV x Sebago Print shirts are $230.

Sebago with Gitman Bros

GV X Sebago White Dockside Print Camp, $230

GV x Sebago Docksides Portland, $150

The GV X Sebago Red Cotton Blend Dockside Print Camp, $230

The capsule collection is now available on the Gitman Bros e-commerce site


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