Santillo 1970 x Zarotti Create Partnership to Preserve Italian Heritage

Event: Nizza Santillo 1970 & Zarotti Spa

Excellence means “Made in Italy.” That’s the principle behind the partnership between Santillo 1970 — known for exquisite Italian tailoring — and Zarotti, leader in the production of high-quality gourmet food.

The collaboration was recently celebrated at an exclusive food and wine-tasting in the splendid setting of the Côte d’Azur. Held at Le Comptoir Nicole 2 in Nice, the evening of food and friends was created to further a common mission: to preserve craftsmanship of product, family tradition, and know-how as an important legacy.

Previews for Santillo 1970’s spring/summer 2020 collection were also shown.

Event: Nizza Santillo 1970 & Zarotti

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The Santillo philosophy is the result of a strong passion for handmade shirts, as handed down from generation to generation, arriving today to characterize the heart of the company and preserve the ancient Calabrian tailoring tradition.

Santillo’s passion preserves the ancient art of Calabrian tailoring

This is why Santillo 1970 is still a family-run business, with sustainable practices linked to the territory but with new creative impulses and entrepreneurial prospects projected into the future. In addition to the founder Angela, the team is made up of daughter Annaluce, the two sons Saverio and Gennaro, plus embroiderers, seamstresses and modellers, who work together to create unique masterpieces.

Santillo 1970 is still a family-run business, with sustainable practices

Their online store was created by carefully studying the markets and actively collaborating with numerous international buyers. Likewise, the opening of the showroom in Milan was created to establish the business in the international markets.

Zarotti was born on the Cilento coast, with simple Mediterranean food, where the precious recipes were preserved and handed down. Its strength relies on an exclusively artisan production chain that blends with technology.

Two seemingly antithetical concepts — tradition and technology — coexist and guarantee the quality of Zarotti products by controlling all phases of the production cycle, allowing them to create the utmost excellence.


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