Reveal Project Paris Fashion Week FW19

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REVEAL PROJECT was started by TATRAS designer Masanaka Sakao, who wanted to build upon his experience as a designer to pass on Japan’s history and tradition.

With REVEAL PROJECT he created an unprecedented brand concept that maximizes the value of Japanese culture from a creative perspective, aiming to position Japan’s unique techniques and tradition as a standard in the worldwide fashion industry.

Reveal Project: Paris FW19


Creating a true Kyo-Yuzen design and embellishment involves more than fourteen manufacturing processes including conceptualization, rough drawing, masking, brush dyeing and illustrations. Each of these steps are performed separately by artisans, who are skilled and specialized in each particular process. All of these artisans are based in Kyoto, in Kyo-Yuzen’s “Kyo”, which means the city of Kyoto.

The first collection came to fruition through the support of KIMURA SENSHOW, a renowned hand drawn Kyo-Yuzen kimono producer, who is based in Kyoto. The results were 7 silk jackets with hand drawn Kyo-Yuzen design, which mark REVEAL PROJECT’S first collection. The bomber jackets are all made of the purest Japanese silk and each garment displays its very own Kyo-Yuzen design. After the first presentation in Paris, on February 27th at the American Cathedral, an unveiling show in Japan was held in Kyoto Nijo Castle.

This new Spring-Summer collection displays ten spring coats, which will also deliver the traditional Japanese artisanship on a larger and bolder modern garment to the now, making the viewer and observer aware of the prestigious craftsmanship and the boldness of Japanese traditional design. This will be the real fusion of Japanese tradition and modern fashion.


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