Rescued Dogs in Haute Couture During New York Fashion Week

Anthony Rubio Brings Latest “Canine Couture” For NY Fashion Week

Every season, Anthony Rubio partners up with animal shelters and animal organizations to include dogs that are up for adoption in his show. Born and raised in New York City, of Puerto Rican ancestry, Mr. Rubio decided to work with The Sato Project, dedicated to rescuing abused & abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico.

From Anthony Rubio:

This New York Fashion Week Season was a milestone for me. I once reveled my first New York Fashion Week. To have been invited to actually present my canine couture on the catwalks of New York Fashion Week was something I dared not dream of no less even considered the idea. While on vacation I received an email from a patron who, unbeknownst to me had pitched the idea of my work gracing the fashion the iconic catwalks. I thought it was a joke. As the correspondence continued the matter become reality. There was a stipulation that stood in the way like a tall brick wall. Apparently, New York Fashion Week was created and dedicated to fashion for “humans”.

How could I, or anyone ever try to put actual dogs on the revered stages presented by the top designers? The only way to get over this hurdle was for me to roll up my sleeves, brush up on my formal fashion education, which I had abandoned long before to create fashions for humans that would allow me to showcase my canine couture. The idea panned out and I was ushered into my first and the world’s first ever fashion presentation featuring not only canine couture but canine models.

Anthony Rubio

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Yes, the canines are models and not accessories. From this was born my famous caption which has opened doors to interview and the interest of the general public, “In my fashion presentations, the dogs are the models and the humans are the accessories.” My new platform was served to me from that time on. My first show was lauded as a new brilliant beacon in the fashion industry. As a result many more followed both on the East Coast as on the West. As they say in Hollywood, “The rest is history.” Many have wondered how I would celebrate what has now come to be my tenth anniversary. I would do not one but two shows.There was so much to consider with so many ideas and inspiration on the table.

Then I asked myself how I could celebrate ten seasons in this new decade with one politically correct statement tied in to my creativity and then it hit me.Our society is engaged in conversations about climate control, saving the planet and yes “sustainability”. That was it! Sustainability. It is in all the papers and the subject discussed and very much considered in the fashion industry. This was my muse and it inspired my collection for my new fashion presentation. I dug up remnants of fabrics from past years and I reinvented and deconstructed past designs to produce what I put on my models both human and canine. There were satin fabrics as well as organza and brocades.

There were sequins and glitter along with feather embellishments. I literally recycled textiles to produce my contemporary creations and in the spirit of sustainability the audiences embraced and celebrated my tenth anniversary.I was more than pleased with the results. I felt a true sense of gratification. To my tenth I raise a cup and say, “Cheers!”A fun side note. The day between my two New York Fashion Week presentations were the much anticipate 2020 Academy Awards. Besides the obvious buzz about the awards the anticipation and talk was about fashion. What would the stars wear? What was the most talked about subject as far as fashions was concerned? Sustainability.

In the spirit of keeping things real during my design presentations, I include canine models with a story. A story of survival and a will to live. A story of the wonderful human beings who take them in when others won’t. The Sato Project does amazing work. The bring rescued dogs to New York and find them homes.

Charlotte was rescued off the streets of Puerto Rico by The Sato Project then flown to NYC to find her forever home. Adopted her at 4 months old to help our other rescue who suffers from anxiety. She was diagnosed with cancer at 2 1/2 and has been in remission since January 2019 after undergoing both chemo and radiation. In December 2019 her and I became a certified therapy team to help both children and adults find the strength like she did to fight back against cancer! So grateful for TSP for saving her! Without a family she would have died within weeks with the type of cancer that she has!

She really is amazing and a perfect example of #satostrong!

Isabela: The Sato Project (TSP) is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico. Isabela (Bela) was rescued by TSP in Yabucoa in late summer 2018. She was just over a year old and likely was displaced from Hurricane Maria. Upon rescue, Bela had just given birth to a litter of pups. In the Fall, TSP quickly found homes for all of her pups; and thankfully me and my husband—who grew up in Puerto Rico—was matched with Bela in November 2018. Beautiful inside and out, she is truly a Puerto Rican Sato queen who is full of love. She is smart, playful, loyal, brave and brings a smile to all who meet her. Bela lives on the UWS just off Central Park where she spends as much time as possible saying hello to everyone and every dog she passes by.

About Anthony Rubio

Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio, is no stranger to the runways, having done runway shows for eleven years with the last nine seasons during New York Fashion Week. Born and raised in New York City, of Puerto Rican ancestry, Mr Rubio with formal training at F.I.T. originally started out as a Women’s Wear designer in the late 80’s for other brands. It wasn’t until he rescued a badly beaten up Chihuahua in 2003 he would name Bandit that he had the idea to dressed Bandit to be as stylish as he was. By 2004, a full brand was established. Anthony Rubio has become the leading force of all Canine Couture.

The pet product industry is estimated to bring in 65 billion dollars annually. You can’t help but notice that pets, primarily dogs appear in everything from ad campaigns to commercials to television shows and movies. Pets have transitioned from man’s best friend to being considered actual family members. People who delay having children or can not have children have chosen to fill the void with a pet. As with any family member, there will always be health issues and the need for vaccinations which in turn requires pet health insurance. Other expenses come in the form of pet grooming, pet sitting and/or pet accommodations while owners work or travel. Pet travel is huge as well because many hotels world wide have opened the doors to these family members.

With all of these expenses in place we can not negate the fact the appearances mean everything and that a first impression is based on how one presents oneself. Pet Parents believe that the best impression comes through fashion. Anthony Rubio Designs creates the most distinctive canine fashions to leave the most memorable impressions. Each custom designed garment is a work of art utilizing the best of everything. Anthony Rubio Designs is not only concerned with the pet looking its best but also that the pet is comfortable and safe in these one of a kind creation.


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