Reinventing The Sneaker In The Age Of Sustainability: Ethical Luxury Footwear Brand Adar Launches A Kickstarter To Fund The Production Of Its Vegan Italian Made Sneaker.

New Italian ethical footwear brand ADAR launches its debut vegan and sustainable sneaker on Kickstarter on the 5th of July. Founded by Zurich based Fashion entrepreneur and creative, Luca Matteo Manuzzi and Florence based fashion designer, Willy Anne Wijnja, ADAR (About Designing Abstract Realities) combines ethical design with luxury quality to create new-era premium high-fashion sneakers.

Described by the founders as a ‘Vegan sneaker for a conscious generation’, ADAR’s debut, The Waver, is a handmade unisex low-top sneaker with 100% of the material sourcing and manufacturing completed in Italy. Made for the conscious fashion-forward consumer, the sneakers prioritise comfort, whilst supporting the need for sustainable luxury, that is cruelty free, innovative and has a positive impact on the world. The Waver represents premium footwear for discerning sneaker aficionados who appreciate the importance of artisanal crafts, contemporary design, innovation and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Featuring a 40mm outsole made from recycled rubber, an upper made from Vegan Apple Leather and recycled polyester, an inner lining made from sustainable bamboo fibres and an insole made with Apple Leather on a soft cushion of recycled and biodegradable latex. It is one of the first designs that successfully combine sustainability, ethical manufacturing and luxury. The award winning Apple Leather is ecologically sound, breathable, waterproof and durable, making it an ideal substitute for leather. As well as using eco-friendly and cruelty free materials, the founders have prioritised local skilled Italian artisan craftsmanship with each sneaker made at a family-owned manufacturer in Veneto, Italy.


Already featured at international events and in global media, the Waver’s arrival is a closely anticipated event, heralding a major change in the design and manufacture of Italian made sneakers. Grazia described the sneakers as ‘Guilt-free fashion’ while readers and visitors of Eluxe Magazine and Phoenix Fashion Week were among the first to see and read about the new visionary sneaker design.

Manuzzi and Wijnja’s combined desire to create a sustainable footwear brand was shaped by their shared commitment to creating a better world. Beyond low carbon, low impact design the pair decided to ensure sales could have a direct positive impact on the climate and the community. A portion from the future sales of every sneaker will go towards funding the Lady Ripple Bee Initiative, helping to build more beehives across Tuscany.

“Our mission is to design ethical luxury products for consumers which value aesthetics and craftsmanship as much as sustainability”. – Luca Matteo Manuzzi

Besides renewability, ADAR is focused on contemporary and gender-neutral design. While the sneaker ticks boxes for smart sustainable manufacturing it also appeals to a modern aesthetic. The chunky thick sole is on-trend and offers wearers unrivalled comfort, while the complex patchwork upper made from Apple leather patches over recycled polyester creates a unique sporty look and allows for breathability and airflow. It’s this distinct undulating design that gives the sneakers their name – “Waver”.

Available in European sizes 35-46 (2-13 US men / 5-16 US women / 1-12 UK) each pair will retail for 335 € (350 $). Early access and discounts will be made available through the Kickstarter launching on the 5th of July. To find out more and reserve the early-bird offer, sign up on their website at or follow the brand on Instagram.


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