ReGen Runway Eco Bohème Couture Designer Bèl Blàk Couture Ltd.

ReGen Runway Eco Bohème Couture Designer Bèl Blàk Couture Ltd.

Dr. Làtifah Qawishabazz-Muhammad is an Eco Bohème Couture Designer and CEO of Bèl Blàk Couture Ltd, whose passion for art, history, and social research— from elementary school through college—naturally led her to today. Whether the cultural subjects, social studies, or art history— they all appealed to her because they were storytelling classes.

After spending most of her teenage life trying to become a vocalist, she became frustrated with her progress and decided to take a different path. “Little did I realize I would develop into an artist years later in a different form,” Dr. Làtifah quipped.

Eco Bohème Couture

Photo : Tasha Dwhaj and Joshua Yoo
Model : Tasha Dwhaj

She was motivated to become a fashion designer out of anger when she noticed a TV commercial. She recalled being upset because everything in the commercial looked like it would only fit a size two, and she was a plus-sized woman. Additionally, being a Muslim woman, shopping in clothing stores seemed largely a waste of time because there was very little they could wear. For example, midriffs were too revealing, or skirts had high slits.

Receiving her Bachelor of Fine Art and Master of Administration in Fashion Design in 2007, she became a confessed addict to education; she continued her studies, eventually receiving her doctoral degrees in both Business Management and later in Business Administration from DePaul University Kelley School of Business.

One of her favorite parts of being a designer is the history and the ability to take her love of nature, present it to provoke questions and conversations, and create clothing that tells stories. For her, it’s just not enough to create a piece of clothing; she has to identify the origin of the textile and its past. She starts from the beginning until it’s in her hand and then until the final design becomes the story.

A lot of effort goes into her designs, and few individuals are as passionate about sustainability and how it is essential to the world’s survival. Her ability to bring awareness to the importance of sustainability is why she loves what she does.

“Realizing your worth in everything you do is essential.… the value you give yourself is the value others will respond to,” says Dr. Qawishabazz-Muhammad. This is why I elected to collaborate with PS Privette and hiTechMODA. As a woman in the fashion industry, you frequently encounter individuals who will not take you seriously because, as with any career, women have to be twice as talented and work twice as hard to stand out, but PS Privette has the ability to recognize talent and appreciates the art of fashion. She recognizes the importance of what I do. I am looking forward to performing my 7th Season with this award-winning production company.“

hiTechMODA enters its 8th NYFW Season and its 12th production since launching in New York in September 2018. NYFW hiTechMODA Season 8 takes place September 9-11, 2022, at the iconic Edison Ballroom and the Rooftop at Edison Ballroom, located in the heart of Times Square. Showtime of Bèl Blàk Couture Ltd. to be announced at


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