RBRSL Debuts at Milan Fashion Week

RBRSL debuts at Milan Fashion Week

Represented by Guitar.

Milan fashion week, with its atmosphere of innovation and creativity, is the context chosen by RBRSL to present its special project features the SS_2021 collection and a unique event created in collaboration with DAAD Dantone, the luxury store in Via della Spiga 25.

No age, no gender, no time, no space, upcycling: The RBRSL collection is all this and once again, rewrites fashion rules to become representative of an inclusive and powerful diversity where shoes play an important part.


Produced entirely in Italy with characteristic design and innovative content are creations in which minimal cut meets architectonic lines in an ideal expression of excellence and refinement with the addition of new processes like project Bold in which a footwear sole – halfway between street-style and couture – represents a new vision of manufacturing with the models themselves expressing a modern and relaxed attitude.

And that’s not all. A non-seasonal philosophy characterizes the footwear, completely separated from any limits of space or use-by dates that exalt the same freedom that has always been the foundation of RBRSL. To be free and principled, as befits the concept of the circular economy in which the company believes and which includes concern for the environment as expressed with upcycling in which waste materials, once again, which lend themselves to unusual design transformations.

The creation of Lamp, a lamp composed of sole scraps, and Painting, canvases made from dripping upper coatings represent the continuous evolution of the RBRSL base in which footwear is status and at the same time a means to exploration with no limits.


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