Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo 2022 A/W

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2022 A/W

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO (hereinafter indicated as Rakuten FWT) 2022 A/W” (governing body: the Japan Fashion Week Organization, hereinafter indicated as JFWO), welcomed its third day.



“SUPER CREATIVE ACT”, an incubation project of OSAKA INSTITUTE OF FASHION, to transmit up-and-coming talents and their creations out to the world, as an advanced educational institution. This time, an installation style show of 2 brands by active students which made a collection debut at the NY Collection this February, “DOKKA vivid” and “YUUNA ICHIKAWA”, was presented as a related event at the Official venue of Shibuya Hikarie.

First-time participant, “tanakadaisuke) (12:30~ physical presentation at Shibuya Hikarie) tanakadaisuke, by the designer, Daisuke Tanaka, presented their very first physical show. Presented was a romantic collection filled with use of pearls and embroidery which is his forte. https://youtu.be/Swm3CNgNdYk

Digital presentation by “CINOH”

(13:30~ Online presentation along with a press event at Shibuya Hikarie, COURT) The 2022AW collection of CINOH, by the designer, Mr. Takayuki Chino, overflowing with a soft, relaxed mood while giving fresh expression to looks of material surfaces and color tone, inspired by the “vitality” and “warmth” felt from the inconsistent, varying expressions of nature. This season, focusing on the designer’s female image, deliberately presented only a ladies line. Furthermore, in the press event, talks on the directly operated shop of the brand scheduled to open tomorrow were also brought up.

BED j.w. FORD (16:30~) presented a new style of collection presentation utilizing 4D volumetric shooting technology
As a part of the “Support in Industrial Advancement Project” of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

※1, a new style in collection presentation utilizing techniques such as AR and/or VR has been presented. Utilizing the 4D Volumetix filming technology of Crescent, inc. ※2, contents which can be enjoyed by people who cannot come to the venue were transmitted.

※1_This was carried out as an effort of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry 2021 fiscal year “Event Industry Advancement Project, including Exhibitions (DX-ization of fashion events)”. ※2_The world’s first industrial volumetric capture system. A technology which captures human movements from a free viewpoint and documents into film.

From the below link, latest looks in AR/VR may be enjoyed on smartphones, etc.

As a part of PROJECT TOKYO being held today and tomorrow, a SDGs corner by JFWO was opened Ms. Neru Nagahama, the SDGs reporter, also visited the venue.

The efforts of JFWO in SDGs has been gathered and is being displayed in a corner, as “PROJECT TOKYO”, a related event open until tomorrow. This project has been realized in collaboration between JFWO and PROJECT TOKYO. This exhibit is being held utilizing sustainable construction and fixtures. (provided by: togashi co., ltd., Uragami, NANASAI CO., LTD.)

JFW JAPAN CREATION/Premium Textile Japan’s Sustainable Project Textile Exhibition

While efforts in sustainability is increasingly gathering attention in effort to create a sustainable society and to preserve the environment, Japanese sustainable textiles which are being highly praised from around the world, corresponding to “JFW Sustainable Project” classifications such as utilizing organic raw materials, eco-friendly biodegradable textiles, utilizing recycled raw materials, etc. are being exhibited. These exhibited textiles, available also for viewing at “JFW Textile Online Salon (JTO)”, both a digital and real exhibits are being held at the same time. Attentively listening to explanations on the exhibited textiles with interest at the venue, the SDGs reporter, Ms. Neru Nagahama, deepened her interest towards sustainable textiles.

JTO Official site link / QR

Denim de Mirai (the future) ~DENIM PROJECT~

The “Denim de Mirai ~DENIM PROJECT~”, a project in which 6 corporations, namely Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd., Hankyu Department Store, Iwataya Mitsukoshi Ltd., st company Co., ltd., FASHIONCORE MIDWEST CO., LTD., Sato Seni Co., LTD. (GEA), have joined forces beyond industrial boundaries with the objective of realizing sustainable fashion. Through the efforts of this project introduced at Rakuten FWT 2022 S/S, over 60 national and international brands, creators, artists have upcycled the approximately 20 tons of <Levi’s® 501®> used stock owned by Yamasawa Press, into clothing, bags, fashion items, lifestyle products, which are all being exhibit at one location. Ms. Neru Nagahama, visiting the venue and seeing the products born from the project she interviewed last season, passionately viewed the exhibit in awe.

Sales of these products will commence March 23rd (Wed.) at major shops of the above 6 corporations around Japan, and online.

Term: March 16th (Wed.) – 17th (Thurs.), 2022 10:00-19:00
Place: Tokyo International Forum (3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
・Denim de Mirai ~DENIM PROJECT~ (lobby gallery)
・JFW JAPAN CREATION/Premium Textile Japan’s Sustainable Project Textile Exhibition (main hall) Co-sponsors: Japan Fashion Week Organization, PROJECT TOKYO
Cooperation: togashi Co., Ltd., Uragami, NANASAI CO., LTD.

PROJECTTOKYO prior registration form registration on exhibition visit day also available


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