Private Policy FW20 Runway

Private Policy FW20 Runway

Represented by Agentry PR NYC.

For their upcoming collection, the brand drew inspiration from the dark side of the American pharmaceutical industry. Throughout the FW20 collection, Private Policy incorporates elements from medical industry uniforms, including lab coats, latex gloves, pen protectors, and nurse scrubs.

Private Policy seeks to bring those details to everyday clothing.

Private Policy

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Breaking the boundary of “mystic authority” that medical professionals hold, Private Policy hopes to spark the general public’s interest in what is behind the scenes of the pharmaceutical industry and unearth facts about the medicine people are consuming.

Look one: Grey pinstripe blazer Grey pinstripe ring bra Grey pinstripe wrap skirt
Look two: Metal silk wool dinner jacket Metal silk wool suit pants
Look three: Grey pinstripe biker jacket Grey tone PXL checker shirt Grey pinstripe blazer skirt pants
Look four: Grey wool coat with pocket protector Stripe zip-up polo top Grey wool rivets trousers
Look five: Grey stripe wool jacket with pocket protector Stripe double collar stand shirt Grey wool rivets trousers
Look six: Navy harness work shirt Navy side handle work pants
Look seven: Velvet reflective piping track jacket Magenta navy gradient PXL checker legging
Look eight: Navy oversized shirt Magenta medical glove bikini top Magenta navy gradient PXL checker legging
Look nine: Quilted studs vest Magenta navy gradient PXL checker shirt Navy cargo work pants
Look ten: Magenta navy gradient PXL checker sports top Navy drape ring slip dress
Look eleven: Magenta navy gradient PXL checker retro shirt Magenta navy dip dye sweater vest Magenta navy dip dye knit shorts Magenta medical glove bouquet
Look twelve: Biodegradable nylon blazer “I am feeling better now” molecule graphic crop tee Black reflective piping sweatpants
Look thirteen: Black wool coat with pocket protector Biodegradable nylon quilted shirt jacket Black denim wrap skirt
Look fourteen: Black harness hoodie Black reflective piping side slit skirt
Look fifteen: “Runaway Bear” sweater Black exposed pocket-bag jeans
Look sixteen: Biodegradable nylon trench coat
Look seventeen: Black and white PXL checker biker jacket Black and white PXL checker sports top Black and white PXL checker legging
Look eighteen: White double collar stand shirt White utility pocket work pants
Look nineteen: White nurse scrub top with pocket protector White denim rivets trousers
Look twenty: Shearling shirt jacket Organic cotton rivets pants
Look twenty-one: Organic cotton utility pocket vest Organic cotton quilted puffer jacket Organic cotton cargo work pants
Look twenty-two: Vinyl reserved medical glove harness vest Organic cotton button up polo shirt Organic cotton rivets trousers
Look twenty-three: Organic cotton sweatshirt combo shirt dress Organic cotton rivets trousers
Look twenty-four: Vinyl reserved medical glove lab coat Yellow reflective piping sweatpants Natural latex medical glove bouquet
Look twenty-five: Yellow harness sweat shirt Yellow reflective piping side slit skirt
Look twenty-six: Medical utility scrub Yellow exposed pocket-bag jeans
Look twenty-seven: Utility pocket work shirt Yellow black cargo work pants
Look twenty-eight: Yellow black outdoor jacket Yellow utility pocket work pants
Look twenty-nine: Yellow lab coat with pocket protector Yellow slim trousers
Look thirty: Yellow side slit shirt dress with harness
Look thirty-one: Yellow woven hoodie with harness Yellow quilted snap-on sleeve shirt jacket Yellow PPNY harness jeans


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