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Pam Hogg Spring 2018: London Fashion Week

Pam Hogg London Fashion Week SS18

Pam Hogg’s SS18 show was an explosion of tactile tulle, bold shapes and sharply executed pattern work. Labelled INNOCENCE, the show was a display of children’s story woodland creatures, who grew up into a powerful 1980s exercise troop and then matured into (Pam Hogg’s version of) elegant womanhood.

To the tune of “Teddy Bears Picnic,” models drifted down the runway in plumes of pastel. Acid yellow, dusty pink, and sky blue tufts of tulle were gathered delicately around the collar, cuffs, and hips, drawing attention to the breasts and groin, Hogg’s reference to INNOCENCE and femininity. The colorful fabrics were held in place by tonal jumpsuits which created a look that was seamless to the body.

To the tune of “Teddy Bears Picnic,” models drifted down the runway

Pam Hogg: London Fashion Week SS18

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Suddenly, a tempo change … it was no longer a picnic. We were transported to Hogg’s trademark style: punk. However, this version of punk had been recreated with a colorful palette. Continuing with the garment of choice, powerful bodysuits were spliced with perfect circles, striking stars, and panels down the length of the body. The colors seemed bolder against black and white latex backgrounds; almost the rebellious stage of the Hogg life.

We were transported to Hogg’s trademark style: punk

Finally, we were greeted with laminated lace trench coats, the layer of pattern and sheen creating a commanding woman -– one who is delicate yet guarded. At this stage, the color palette was reserved and tonal, allowing the shine of the coat to make the statement. Underneath, basic-yet-bold lycra two pieces showed that although grown up, there was still impact.

Pam Hogg has always drawn from the 1980s as the base of her creativity; however, for SS18 she reimagined what it means to be a modern punk.


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