O.N.S Clothing- NYMD Presentation

O.N.S Clothing- NYMD Presentation

Fall/ Winter 2019 by O.N.S explores a dialog on aviation, altitude, structure and functionality. Looking to the sky and how to reach it when designing Fall / Winter 2019, O.N.S has sourced inspiration from international airport terminals, awe-invoking aircrafts, aerial views of city grids, bold tarmac markings and utilitarian piloting uniform shapes.

“The Aerial Utility theme we chose for FW19 gave us the freedom to explore and update classic menswear shapes, fabrics, and tailoring techniques,” says Brian Chung, VP of O.N.S. “In both our Main Line and Grey Label collections, the intention is always the same: to craft timeless and versatile high-quality pieces that are instantly familiar, but always injected with creativity and newness.”

O.N.S Clothing- NYMD Presentation

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