Wolves in Non-Cheap Clothing*

 Photos by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images
Photos by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images
It might have been a scene from Party Monster, except everyone was even more hip — and breathtakingly beautiful — and the vibe was decidedly more positive and forward-thinking. Either way, last night Wilhelmina Wolfpack closed down Men’s Fashion Week with the ultimate club banger at NY hot spot Flash Factory.

(*We don’t actually know how much people’s clothes cost, of course, because everyone looked increds. But let’s face it: that headline is classic! Yes? No? Okay.)

From early on in the night vibes were good, the drinks were flowing, and the party was rocking. At one point the line to get in wrapped around 28th Street block. Everyone from Theophilus London, Dev Hynes, Kelly Osbourne, RJ King, Machine Gun Kelly, Vashtie, Taryn Manning, Nikki Takesh, Hanna Sider, and more came out to party with the Wolfpack and NY Cult.

At one point the line to get in wrapped around 28th Street block.

MAZURBATE kicked off the night followed by NY Theo’s energetic and of-the-moment performance, complete with breakdancers that got the whole club jumping. Wilhelmina’s own, Machine Gun Kelly, took to the stage and delivered an epic and explosive performance boasting his pride for “THE LAND.” Vashtie, Nianga, Jaziah and Mike Nouveau closed out the night on the decks.

Fun In the Wolves’ Lair
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If there was one way to close out a week of feel-good fashion vibes, this was definitely IT.


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