New Trends in Pet Clothes

New Trends in Pet Clothes

Fashion is more a mindset and lifestyle than the desire to show off, so it’s not surprising that fashionistas set trends in pet clothes.

If you go outside and take a walk through a park, the chances are high that you will come across at least one dog owner who has dressed up their pet in some cute clothes. The colder the weather is, the warmer pet clothes become. In fact, pet clothes and accessories appeared at the beginning of the last century. Thus, back in the 30s, the first canine “fashion designers” began to work and set the style and trends in animal fashion. However, this “phenomenon” was not widespread, and a dressed cat or a dog could evoke a smile or a sidelong glance. Over time, people got used to such things in the street, and nowadays, many pet owners try to keep up with fashion tendencies, bearing in mind their pet’s comfort. It seems pet fashion designers will become popular pretty soon, so you may get a chance to see fashion shows with very cute four-legged models.

Why do pets need clothes?

Pet outfits not only make them attractive and cute but also perform some useful functions. Thus, in the summer and winter seasons, pets are susceptible to weather conditions. They can overheat in the sun or get too cold in winter. It is especially true for pets with short fur. Besides, clothes can ensure hygiene and protect animals from thorns, ticks, and the effects of many other external factors. Even though many people believe that only dogs wear clothes, it is not true. Many cat breeds feel even the slightest changes in the weather and need some clothes. Despite the paramount importance of convenience and comfort, fashion still goes ahead. Thus, purchasing new pet clothes, many owners try to follow the ongoing trends.

What famous brands produce pet clothes?

Pet clothes is a fast-paced market segment. Fashion retailers such as Ssense and Browns emphasize an increase in demand for pet clothing and have already launched special sections on their websites. There you can buy dog accessories from such luxury brands as Burberry. Versace has recently launched pet clothing lines. Donatella Versace’s puppy Audrey wears T-shirts with the house’s signature print, and Hector Brown advertises the owner’s clothing line on its Instagram page. WWD claims that pets are now treated as “extensions” of their owners, so brands adapt their bestsellers for pets.

Pet clothing sales gain momentum despite the economic crisis caused by the ongoing pandemic. Many people work from home and devote more time to their pets.

Due to social distancing, pets have truly become the best friends, especially when it comes to those who live alone.

However, the demand for pet clothing was high even before the lockdown. Millennials work hard and don’t rush to start a family, but they are ready to get pets, spend a pretty penny on their toys, study a simply nourish cat food review, and dress them in the trendiest clothes.

Fashion trends for pets

If you are a fashionista and want your pet to match your outfits and stay on equal par with you in terms of trendy clothes, it is worth paying attention to the following trends.


Everyone knows that accessories can make a difference and change even the most ordinary outfit. Thus, you can change your pet’s outfit with the help of a cute bandana. Whether you are a lucky owner of a cat or a dog, this accessory will suit each of them and add some additional scores. The great thing is that even if your pet doesn’t need any clothes, thanks to its thick fur, it can still wear a bandana to look posh. On the Internet, you can find many options that come in different sizes, colors, and patterns. You can also find examples of how to combine bandanas with other fashion clothes on Pinterest.

Pet booties

When it is cold outside, you should take care of your four-legged friend’s feet. And it is when water-resistant booties come to the rescue. They look stylish and help keep your pet’s paws warm. If you combine such booties with other fashionable clothes, you will get an extremely stylish buddy.

Tank tops

In a warm season, you don’t need to reject pet clothes. You can dress up your pet in a tank to make it look flirtier. If you are going to visit a pool party with your four-legged friend, make sure its outfit matches yours. Nobody will say that your companion is not cool enough for such a pastime. When purchasing a tank top, opt for high-end clothes made of natural breathable material.

Graphic prints

People have been going crazy for graphic patterns for years already, so it is not surprising that this trend has reached pet clothes fashion as well. Thus, when you decide to please your pet with a brand-new sweatshirt, pay attention to ones with graphic patterns. You will show off with such a stylish companion and help your buddy stay warm in the cold weather.

Bow tie

To take your pet’s image to a new level, you can add a cute bow tie to its outfit. Such an accessory always looks great and draws a lot of attention to its owner. The modern market offers a huge variety of different sizes and patterns, so everyone can find something to their liking. It is an especially suitable option if your pet is used to wearing a collar since such ties have a loop that allows a pet to wear it with a collar.


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