Nehera’s Spring Summer 2020 Paris Fashion Week

Nehera’s Spring Summer 2020

Represented by Totem Fashion.

NEHERA´s SS20 main collection builds on the features the brand is known for – innovative tailoring, generous volume and clothes with various lives.

Outerwear, jackets and fabrics as wool, poplin, linen are always among NEHERA´s essential stories, representing codes of function and lightness. The back slits on the classic NEHERA gabardine trench coat and linen jacket add a sense of depth to the garment offering many styling variations. Continued use of airy technical fabrics are seen in the extra light overcoat with a draped parachute detail, as well as the tentlike dress that hangs loosely. When fixed with a belt, these garments hug a woman´s figure gracefully.

Nehera’s Spring Summer 2020

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Photos: Shoji Fuji

This season, the sportswear aspects are thoughtfully reinvented into functional details – from hidden tabs to trouser suspenders to perforated yokes inside the shirts and dresses – embracing practicality and comfort of the wearer.

The unexpected use of jersey across categories is a fresh venture that emphasises the idea of fluidity penetrating all aspects of the collection. An important element of inspiration is Claire McCardell’s legacy of radical comfort, which NEHERA embodies in the use of menswear details, high-waisted voluminous bottoms and matching separates with a modern twist.

Bold colours are our subtle emotive gestures. A neutral palette of white, beige, blue, and black is injected with vivid red, healing sage, radiant pink, succulent orange and zesty yellow, which intensifies the minimalistic yet intricate silhouettes.

The print artwork was designed for NEHERA by Slovak painter Laco Teren, who is known as a leading figure of the post-Modernist generation. Inspired by the Italian trans-avant-garde and German Neue Wilde movement, Teren is a master of irony, explosive temperament and daring metaphors.

These feminine silhouettes have a natural, watery flow and tailored ease that brings elegance and comfort without compromise.


At NEHERA the priority is comfort. Comfort that enhances performance. Each product is carefully considered, from the tactile materials, to the exemplary craftsmanship, such that every item evokes a sense of ease, purpose, innovativeness and elegance. Clothes are first pared back to their essence, reduced and refined to the tenets of utility. Then they are imbued with certain tenderness, warmth, optimism, and energy that has defined NEHERA from the very beginning.

The culture at NEHERA champions vitality and spontaneity through its dynamic and collective approach to design. The collections, however, still feel grounded and unassuming. It is the balance between emotive gestures and restrained classicism, in terms of silhouette, colour palette, print and technology that results in a unique spectrum of possibility, a wardrobe of potentiality.

NEHERA endeavours to establish signatures that are identifiable by way of their subtlety and straightforwardness – products that are wearable, honest, playful and above all quietly compelling.


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