Nehera FW23 Paris Fashion Week “On Grace and Clarity”

This season, Nehera offers us a story between comfort and elegance, faithful to their “Scandinavian design”. Through a poem, Nehera reveals its ideas around a work on tailoring, the perfect piece, adjusted to the body it will sublimate. A simple message, allowing an interpretation and an initiation into the Nehera universe.

The artistic direction proposes to explore shaded tones like true colours while mixing genres. The silhouettes are genderless, powerful, sublimated by an intense casting. The cuts of the collection are strict but embrace delicate materials, allowing Sheila Single, in charge of styling, to create intense silhouettes. Once again, this season Nehera explores the perfect fit of the tailoring look through adjustable trousers, tops and jackets.

Concerning the fabrics, Nehera makes it a point of honour to seek out and explore new materials that are increasingly eco-responsible, following their ecological development.


Remove lines that diminish flow.
Strip down any silhouette to its essence.
Dispense of excess.
Correct shapes to enhance the rhythm.
Welcome shades like they are colors.
Entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity.
Upcycle, recycle, never downcycle.
Simpler interpretations are preferable to complicated ones.
Expressions should balance function and emotion.
Designs reflect gender flexibility.
Every creation is indicative of our excellence in tailoring.
Less is more.

Following their ideology, this collection is based on “Less is more”.


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