Negris LeBrum Continues to Shine at NYFW

Negris LeBrum designer and creative director, Travis Hamilton unveiled his Black to Basic collection at New York Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 23) on Sunday September 11th. This season, like many from the brand’s past, will showcase the next chapter in the story of Negris LeBrum.

The spring summer 2023 collection by Negris LeBrum has generated tremendous excitement for the brand. Being able to introduce the Black to Basic collection to a live audience during their 10th year anniversary is a huge milestone for Negris. New and exciting iridescent colors and floral printed sequins, red silk chiffon and satin silks was the highlight for the Black to Basic collection.

Finally, Negris Lebrum introduced its lipstick and lip gloss collection that was incorporated throughout the looks expertly applied by long standing partners, Augment Tokyo and the style reminiscent of the ole Hollywood hair styles.

Negris LeBrum

The Negris experience didn’t stop with the runway show as a soiree afterparty was held following the show also at the East 31st venue. Guests included a wide range of fashion influencers, photographers, stylist and celebrities. Event sponsors included, MATEUS Wine, Yolonda Sweets, Owls Brew and many friends and supporters.

The luxury brand has an origin story based on the interracial marriage of a Southern couple from Louisiana in the 1940’s which still resonates with many today. Brand founder Travis Hamilton’s design process is heavily influenced by his Southern Creole roots, and the Negris LeBrum love story is a tale of an influential woman of the same name who lived in the designer’s hometown of Natchitoches, LA. As a light-skinned Creole woman, Miss Negris could pass for white but chose to remain true to her black roots. She eventually fell in love with a black man, and their romance was frowned upon. In the end, the two were brought together by a force so strong – love. Through fashion, their story continues to be shared to the world.

This Love Story is the foundation of Negris LeBrum, and is rooted in the company slogan Lenoir est Joli…” Black is Beautiful.” Each collection pays homage to the courage of this amazing woman, and the boldness of the color black. “She was a grandmother in our hometown. I knew her and her family. Her granddaughter and I are very good friends,” Hamilton recalled. “I always felt that people judging you because of who you chose to love always bothered me. I just wanted to celebrate that love and honor their legacy.”


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