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Nama-Stay: Interview with Analia Castellanos | Lennox Hotel Miami

Interview With Analia Castellanos | Lennox Hotel Miami

The Lennox Miami Beach (@LennoxHotelMiamiBeach) has quickly become the hotel of choice for trendsetters and Instagram influencers coming to Miami for everything from Art Basel to Miami Swim Week. Lenox co-founder Analia Castellanos tells us a bit more about how it all started, and how her enthusiasm for cycling, fitness, and health consciousness have played a role in its layout and décor.

Analia Castellanos

Interview by Chris Lavish

Q: How did the idea of setting up a boutique hotel in Miami come about?

The idea of building a hotel in Miami was my father’s. Miami has always been one of our favorite destinations as a family, and in each visit there was always a moment to dream about the idea of opening a hotel here.

The idea of building a hotel in Miami was my father’s

Q: What made you choose Miami over other cities like New York or Los Angeles, for example?

I think that the initial impulse was how much we liked it on a family level.

But there’s no doubt that Miami was already positioned in those years as a very important city, not only because of the weather, beaches, or security.

Miami is a cosmopolitan city where it is easy to find cultural, leisure or even interesting spaces for investors.

And on a family level, Miami has always been like a second home for us.

Q: Did you want to have a specific look for the hotel when you started?

We were always clear that we wanted to maintain the essence of the Art Deco architectural style of the original hotel “Peter Miller.” But my intention was always to create something harmonious, organic and fresh, paying special attention to the small details to achieve a warm atmosphere.

I wanted everyone who entered to have the feeling of not wanting to leave, and therefore of wanting to always return.

I wanted everyone who entered to have the feeling of not wanting to leave

Q: What has been the biggest challenge during COVID for the hotel?

The pandemic has been too hard a blow for everyone. In the hotel sector you can imagine everything this virus has meant to us, but we’ve work hard to maintain ourselves as a brand.

So here we are, providing our best service while complying with all the security policies that are so important and necessary today.

Q: What are the 3 most important ideals that the hotel works toward?

We like to be perceived as a luxury boutique hotel, where our main objective is to comply with fully personalized attention.

For this reason we work daily to offer the best service, with the best quality, hand-in-hand with the best team.

Q:How is the hotel different from other hotels?

Lennox Miami Beach differs from the rest by our insignia of good taste in each and every one of the details that make up the stay at a hotel, without forgetting the personal needs of each guest.

Q: Where do you see the future of Lennox hotels? Is there another city you are planning to open?

After these years of pandemic, talking about a specific future does not seem to give much security just yet.

However, as a hotel group we are always working on expanding and evaluating options with market studies. The options we have on the table, I assure you, are all interesting options, but let’s let time mark the way forward.

Q:Have the events in Miami helped increase occupancy?

Miami is a tempting destination at any time or season of the year, but all the events organized in our city of the sun —- of which there are more every year — help to close months with full occupancy

Q:How did the Lennox Hotel become one of Art Basel’s favorite hotels?

I like to believe that it is the atmosphere, the decoration, that feeling of an oasis within all the madness of Art Basel.

But I also recognize that our location at 1900 Collins Ave. is key for all the people who go to what is considered one of the most important modern art fairs in the world.

our location at 1900 Collins Ave. is key

Q:Does the Lennox hotel also plan to participate in events during Art Basel?

Our team always tries to participate in one way or another in all the important events in the city, and every year we find a way to be closer and closer to Art Basel.

We love being part of something so great on a cultural level.


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