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Chris Collie
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Nadia Aboulhosn’s New Collection for Addition Elle

Conversation With Jennifer Patterson, Content Manager for Addition Elle

by Chris Collie, NY Senior Editorial Director

NA1While most people in New York were preparing their Columbus Day weekend plans, Lord & Taylor had a plan of their own.

On October 7th, Lord & Taylor with Addition Elle invited a select group of fashion influencers and fans of model/blogger Nadia Aboulhosn. Those in attendance were treated to a runway show in the middle of the 6th floor of Lord & Taylor featuring a capsule collection by Nadia through a collaboration with Addition Elle’s Love & Legend brand.
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The collection targeted the plus size woman in a truly fashionable manner, showing a variety of pieces that could be transitional or stand alone depending on the style of the consumer. The pieces on the runway included body-con cargo pants, trench dresses/coats, leopard tunics and reversible sweater dresses that were impeccably constructed.

After the runway show and speech by the president of Lord & Taylor Karyn Benvenuto, Nadia welcomed all those who were in attendance. The aspect of Nadia which truly was impressive (besides her collection), was her genuine connection with each and every fan and consumer.

The line to take a picture with Nadia spanned half the floor and she was gracious with each one, stopping to have conversations and striking whatever pose a fan requested while taking a picture with her. To witness such connection and sincerity was refreshing from a young designer who truly appreciates the position she is now blessed to be in.

The line to take a picture with Nadia spanned half the floor.

I was able to have a one on one with Jennifer Patterson, Content Manager for Addition Elle about how the capsule collection came about with Nadia.

Q: Hey Jennifer, thank you for speaking to us about the brand. By all means, take us through the collection and the thought process behind it.

Thank you for being here! Sure, I would love to, I’ll give you my breakdown (laughing).

Nadia and Addition Elle have been working together for about 4 years now. She started actually modeling lingerie for us, and what we loved about her was she was just herself; she was no-holds barred. She was unfiltered, and we loved that. We really believe in women embracing all of their imperfections, perfections … we love it all. And she has always stood up for body positivity, which is what we’re all about. Our motto is we believe in a fashion democracy, where style isn’t limited by size.

We believe in a fashion democracy, where style isn’t limited by size.

You want to find the cool hot trends in size 12 and up? We offer that.

Nadia’s about that, too. It was a natural mix and we love the fact that she wears the sweaters as dresses or tops as dresses … she really goes there. We’re totally cool with that; we love it.

Q: When did the collection come about and what do you believe the voice is?

Her collection came out about a year ago, because we love that funky style. It also reaches a bit of younger demographic. Her fans — as you can see — are super young, fun and fashionable; we really wanted to get in that market. She came to us with the idea to do a military-inspired collection; I believe she has some family in the military and she wanted to honor them, and she also wanted to have a collection that was strong and powerful, and would make a woman feel confident.

Nadia’s fans are super young, fun and fashionable.

That’s what we’re all about at Addition Elle. She did a capsule collection with one of our sub-brands, Love & Legend. The collection has a little bit of everything: some dresses, blouses, jackets, some pants, some super sexy leggings and everything has a stamp of Nadia’s approval.

One of Nadia and our favorite pieces is this leopard tunic. She actually wears this with nothing underneath; she’s crazy (laughing). It’s just a blouse; she actually wore it with a body suit underneath, which is so Nadia.

If you’re more of a conservative woman, you can wear it with a tank top. She did these amazing leather-look leggings, so they have that textured woolskin feel with a military detail. They are really body hugging and really show off your curves. Nadia’s other favorite piece, is the “going out” dress, super deep plunging V, body-con fit with cutouts; I could definitely see her in this.

She actually wears this leopard tunic with nothing underneath; she’s crazy (laughing).

[She goes to grab the trench dress.] I can’t believe there’s only one of these left [the collection just debuted about an hour before Jennifer and I spoke]. This is Nadia’s other favorite piece, which is the trench dress; as you saw, she had it on during the presentation. You can wear this either as a dress or a coat. I wear mine with jeans and a tee. It has that Kardashian vibe. It is a very transitional piece.

I can’t believe there’s only one of these left.

The collection also includes this great camo-sweater with faux leather, oversized, which brings me to another amazing piece, which is a metallic sleeveless tunic tank, and that would go with the leggings I showed you earlier. It’s like a Mad Max vibe.

Then we have the cargo pants, of course, a skinny cargo pant. Every girl needs a good cargo pant.

What Addition Elle is really known for is being body-fit experts; our company has actually been around for 30 years, and so we’ve learned a thing or two about a woman’s body. So we understand the plus-size woman’s body; we keep all their needs in mind while designing, and Nadia helped us bring that understanding to the younger generation.

What Addition Elle is really known for is being body-fit experts.

We felt the time was right for the collection.

For more information about Nadia and her collection, follow her on social media Twitter & Instagram: @nadiaaboulhosn, as well as her website

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Editor’s Note: Thank you for taking the time to give me a breakdown of the brand and take me through each piece, Jennifer. (Keep in mind she did this during the event while she still helped consumers find their favorite pieces to purchase from the collection.)

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