Muso Casa is Making Eco Fashion That’s Unapologetically Luxurious

Muso Casa’s EcoLuxe is Making a Global Impact

In a span of one year, Muso Casa has established a worldwide recognition as an EcoLuxe fashion brand by the eagle-eyed fashion netizens. During this era of the rise of throwaway culture, the sister duo, Muskaan and Sonali are on a journey towards creating an eco-sartorial history together by encouraging a slow fashion, greener wardrobe.

In early 2019, Muskaan and Sonali were sitting back and embracing the fact of how well they had rolled out and established their tech company. That is when they thought of how the party season has caused an equally big carbon footprint on the environment for decades. Witnessing the alarming damage that was caused by fast fashion, the well-intentioned eco-warrior sisters decided to take a step in protecting our environment. The part of Muso Casa magic is the concoction of tech with fashion to provide the ultimate modern luxury experience.

Muso Casa

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Seeing that the concept of sustainable wardrobe meant migrating from the vision boards of rosy idealistic outfits to everyday reality wear seemed quite boring and dull (and even soul-destroying for some) in the alluring world of fashion.

This gave birth to the brand Muso Casa where it was de rigueur to craft elegance and brilliance to provide everything to dress from head to toe including headwear, apparels, fashion jewellery and footwear and not worry about environmental neglect.

Their Muso Casa mantra: “All environmentally friendly sartorial ambitions could be luxuriously glamorous.”

Working to their strengths on choosing the perfect raw materials to craft a collection that wouldn’t end up being a landfill, they introduced an assemblage of tiara headbands, brand name clutches, across the globe inspired accessories and top and skirt pairings with a stark monochrome palette.

The entire collection is handmade by the designers themselves using resources sourced from all over the world that are eco-sustainable.

The entire collection is handmade

  • The handheld clutches, tote bag and footwear are 100% vegan and not real leather because the house of Muso Casa does not believe in animal cruelty (and because the animals are way too cute to harm).
  • Crafting with premium quality cottons with inner linings the apparel section of the brand consists of envy-worthy tops and summer hero skirts making them completely biodegradable.
  • All the embellishments, headbands and jewellery are made with metal and glass instead of cheap plastics which makes them recyclable.
  • While shipping, the products are packed in 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging.

Their products are individually crafted when an order is received to reduce the wastage caused due to excess productions.

Muso Casa is loud and proud about the fact that they are a 95% environmentally friendly and 100% animal cruelty free brand and maintains its luxury factor by the quality they provide.

they are 95% environmentally friendly and 100% animal cruelty free

Their crowning glory is that beautiful formal wear was introduced without changing the definition of luxury and being lovingly protective about the planet.

Walking the entire spectrum of fashion from headwear to footwear, Muso Casa pampers its clients who are environment opulent zeitgeist.


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